Beyonce and Jay Z Divorce Rumours Heat Up

beyonce bikini

-The Beyonce and Jay Z split rumours are kicking into high gear, but from what I can tell there has been no news since yesterday and everyone’s just recycling the Page Six report. They were even spotted having dinner a few days ago and she shared a happy family photo yesterday. Of course, that hasn’t stopped everyone from fantasizing about who Bey should date next…

Daniel Radcliffe shot The F Word here and now he’s like a true Torontonian, ordering off Burger’s Priest’s secret menu and everything.

-I wasn’t sure I’d buy Emma Stone and Colin Firth as a couple in their new movie until I read this interview. They’re adorable, especially when she talks about how she live-texted him while watching the Bridget Jones sequel. By the time she tells him she likes him “just as you are,” I was kind of shippin’ it…

Miley Cyrus is combatting that stupid Internet death hoax by posting a topless Instagram shot in the desert.

-Marissa Cooper’s designer clothes on The O.C. were all due to Mischa Barton, says Mischa Barton.

-Want to make Rachel McAdams cringe? Just play her The Notebook audition tape in front of her.

-I’m not a fan of Lea Michele’s bikini, but at least she looks happy and healthy.

-My ideal dinner party includes Cate Blanchett though I’d also like to crash hers, which includes Amy Poehler, Hillary Clinton, Christine Lagarde and Elaine Stritch.

Blake Lively‘s Preserve continue to attract a whole lotta ridicule.

Kate Hudson got a serious case of the giggles while playing Box of Lies with Jimmy Fallon.

-Is Bradley Cooper engaged? And if so, does that mean that I finally have to learn his girlfriend’s name?

Claire Danes can’t go home again in the latest Homeland season 4 trailer.

Robert Downey Jr. topped Forbes highest paid actors list again, while Brad Pitt and Tom Cruise failed to make the top 10.

-Speaking of RDJ, he’s bringing his Oscar campaign to TIFF with the world premiere of The Judge. Other huge TIFF premieres that were announced today, including Jason Reitman’s Men, Women and Children starring Ansel Elgort and Emma Thompson, Foxcatcher starring Channing Tatum, The Imitation Game starring Benedict Cumberbatch, The Drop starring Tom Hardy, Nightcrawler starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Still Alice starring Kristen Stewart, Map to the Stars starring Robert Pattinson, and multiple movies starring Reese Witherspoon. They didn’t announce the opening night film because they’re still confirming it, which makes me think it’s Brad Pitt‘s Fury or Angelina Jolie‘s Unbroken. Either way, this fest is gonna be stacked!

Colin Farrell plays Jessica Chastain‘s servant in the new bodice ripper Miss Julie, which is also coming to TIFF. Check out the first trailer:

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