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July 7, 2014

Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez Reportedly “Dating”

-I was so very confused by all the new photos of Zac Efron and Michelle Rodriguez looking romantic ‘n stuff. I mean, I know he could use some PR polish, but she doesn’t seem like the most obvious choice. But this story made it all ok.

-I love Katie Holmes’s Glamour cover (even if she is wearing a Canadian tuxedo).

Taylor Swift‘s plan to take over the world is almost complete. First, she spends her long weekend with a collection of awesome famous ladies (I always forget she rolls with Emma Stone!), and then she pens a Wall Street Journal article on the future of music.

-Modern Family’s Sofia Vergara is dating True Blood’s Joe Manganiello. Can the world handle that much combined hotness?

-If you’re already confused about how Benji Madden landed Cameron Diaz, these photos of them on a beach aren’t going to clear anything up.

-The Being Human cast is getting crazy with the photo opps again. Man, I miss those freaks.

-Former Scandal star Columbus Short just can’t stay out of trouble. He was arrested for public intoxication after possibly trying to skip out on his bar tab.

-This article about what people wear when going to a job interview with Anna Wintour *fascinates* me. I would die of an ulcer before even making it to the building…

Kanye West was booed during a UK music festival for going on a 15-minute-rant while wearing a weird mask. Also, can celebrities please stop comparing being followed by the paparazzi to being raped? That’d be swell.

-This is the grossest I’ve ever seen Leonardo DiCaprio look. And that’s saying something.

-In an interview with Lucky magazine, Solange dismissed the elevator fight as “that thing.”

Victoria Beckham tweeted some photos from her and David’s wedding for their anniversary, and they’re so very, very ’90s.

Zooey Deschanel’s uterus is none of your business, thankyouverymuch.

-According to critics, James Franco‘s new collection of poetry is as bad as you think it is.

Lea Michele says her Twitter account was hacked the day after Chris Colfer‘s, and she’s not really preggo.

-Both Emma Watson and Jennifer Lawrence struck out with their outfits at the Dior show.

-Speaking of the Dior show, I don’t know how any of the runway models managed not to wilt under Charlize Theron and Sean Penn‘s withering stares.

-Oh happy day! Taye Diggs is joining the cast of The Good Wife. Apparently, he’ll play a guy who was already there and we just didn’t notice him — as if that’s possible.

Jenny McCarthy and Sherri Shepherd addressed their departure from The View on air today, and it was supes awkward.

-A new trailer for David Fincher’s Gone Girl has landed, and it’s the best one yet. I take back all my reservations about Ben Affleck playing Nick. He’s killing it in this!