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July 23, 2014

Buffy Reunion: Sarah Michelle Gellar Up In Arms with Anthony Stewart Head

Sarah Michelle Gellar Anthony Stewart Head
Sarah Michelle Gellar posted a photo with Anthony Stewart Head, who played Giles, with the caption “best surprise visit ever!!” (Photo: twitter.com/RealSMG/)

-This Buffy reunion pic cuts right to my ooey, gooey center. Sarah Michelle Gellar posted this photo on Twitter after Anthony Stewart Head visited her. They’re wearing bracelets supporting his animal rights charity, Cool To Be Kind.

-Congrats to Zoë Saldana, who revealed she’s pregnant with her first child by showing up to the Guardians of the Galaxy premiere with a baby bump. Speculation had been growing after she posted this photo on Instagram a few days ago.

-Vogue did another “73 questions” video, this one with Blake Lively. Remember when Sarah Jessica Parker did it and it seemed so spontaneous and unscripted? This one is…not like that.

-Meanwhile, the hate for Blake’s Preserve site continues to roll in.

-Lana Del Rey addresses her new song “F**ked My Way to the Top”, saying: “I have slept with a lot of guys in the industry, but none of them helped me get my record deals.” Yay, feminism?

-Who’s the new hottie Selena Gomez is cozying up to?

The Rock shot an exercise parody with Jimmy Fallon and made lots of masterbation jokes in the process.

Naya Rivera has married Ryan Dorsey just three months after splitting from Big Sean.

-A bubbly radio interview with Cameron Diaz ended abruptly when the host brought up BFF Drew Barrymore’s “drug years.”

Jack White and I sport the exact same expression at ball games.

Jon Stewart has launched a mock crowdfunding campaign to buy CNN.

-Here’s the new trailer for If I Stay, which should just be called The Fault In Our Stars 2.

-Just in case you wondered if Chris Pratt could possibly be more adorable, here’s video of him expertly French braiding an intern’s hair during his ET interview.

-I like that People’s photos of Vampire Diaries star Joseph Morgan’s wedding barely feature the bride. They clearly know what the people want.

-Shocking report: Charlize Theron may not actually be a nice person.

-Zac Efron and Robert Pattinson are hanging out now. This won’t end well.

-The trailer for Dear White People is perfection (and not just because of all the Veronica Mars alums).