Justin Bieber’s Home Raided by Police in Egg-Throwing Investigation

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-Police raided Justin Bieber’s home today for that egg-throwing thing, warrant and all. They ended up finding coke and arrested his BFF. Sadly, I think he’ll consider this a point of pride rather than a wake-up call.

-Judging by everything I learned about the 30 Second to Mars fanbase at the TIFF premiere of Jared Leto‘s documentary last year, they’re going to eat Taylor Swift alive.

Willow Smith explained to V magazine why she turned down the role of Annie. Do 13-year-olds really feel the need to “decompress”? Good lord.

-I didn’t love Gabourey Sidibe‘s Golden Globes dress — but I did love her response to haters.

Prince knows everything about New Girl and is a Nick/Jess ‘shipper. My world is askew.

Kanye West has been accused of assault — though to be fair, it sounds like the guy totally deserved it.

-Also, Kanye had lunch with Anna Wintour, where he no doubt campaigned for Kim to be on the cover of Vogue.

-Two people no one really cares about just got engaged. Yay?

-Speaking of people you don’t care about: Pamela Anderson has remarried her ex-husband Rick Salomon.

Gisele Bundchen in hot water for taking her baby on an ATV ride — and neither wore a helmet.

-I’m not going to miss hate-watching The Newsroom, though I’ll probably miss hate-reading the recaps.

Jerry Seinfeld and Jason Alexander went to the NYC diner their show made famous, and everyone squee’d.

-It’s a good day for new music. We’ve got new stuff from  Tokyo Police Club, Against Me!, and Kevin Drew.

Gwyneth Paltrow had a very six-degrees-of-separation weekend.

Charlie Sheen insulted Denise Richards on Twitter — maybe. I don’t really understand anything he tweets.

-I spent an embarrassing amount of time today looking at GIFs of Tom Misson in skinny jeans.

-The rest of Glee will now be set exclusively in NYC. With Nate Archibald! If Blair Waldorf shows up, I’m back in.

-I’m fascinated by how Hayden Panettiere ended up wearing Tom Ford to the Golden Globes without his permission — and then got him to send her apology flowers. Girl’s got moves.

-The trailer for The Railway Man, starring Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman, has landed.


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