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January 20, 2014

New Maleficent Trailer: Is Angelina Jolie Supposed to be the Good Guy?

maleficent - disney

Angelina Jolie seems like she’s having the time of her life in the new Maleficent trailer. Leave it to her to make Spock ears look hot…

-Ruh roh. According to TMZ, Justin Bieber is loving the purple drank these days.

-Also, these supposed texts from him to Selena Gomez will cure any lingering Bieber Fever you may still have.

-Presented without comment: Laura Linney, who’s 49, just gave birth to her first child.

-There were lots of buzzy movies coming out of Sundance this weekend. Ryan Reynolds‘ new one sounds bizarre (or “f*cking insane,” as per costar Anna Kendrick), but he’s getting props for doing something edgy and different.  Aaron Paul is being praised for his performance in Hellion but the movie is getting mixed reviews, much like Kristen Stewart in Camp X-Ray. Critics seem split on Zach Braff’s latest (it was greeted with a standing ovation, but Vulture’s review was titled “Zach Braff Returns With Another Soundtrack“) .

-Our pretend boyfriend George Clooney wore a Free Yulia Tymoshenko t-shirt while promoting The Monuments Men last week because he’s both dreamy and political. Swoon!

Kanye West once stood up Deepak Chopra — for Adidas.

Bill Murray participated in a surprise AMA chat last night, and it was as glorious as you imagined it would be.

Nicolas Hoult is adorably proud of girlfriend Jennifer Lawrence.

-Game of Thrones star Natalie Dormer showed off her newly shaved head at the SAG Awards, which she shaved for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. King Joffrey’s gonna freak!

-Speaking of the SAG Awards, didn’t everyone seem weirdly tense? Ben Affleck seemed incredibly grumpy — and it probably didn’t help that Cuba Gooding Jr. rushed the stage during Affleck’s closing remarks. Cate Blanchett mocked Matthew McConaughey‘s ridiculous speech,  and scolded the E! cameraman for trying to get a full-body shot. Only Emma Thompson seemed to be having a blast.

-The writing wasn’t always up to snuff, but our boy Drake acquitted himself nicely on this weekend’s SNL.

-If you need to compose a flirty text, it’s a good idea to get Idris Elba and Lena Dunham’s advice.

-So that Amber Heard/Johnny Depp engagement report is true? My 14-year-old self is crushed. Good thing I found this adorable Tom Mison video to lift my spirits.

-The day after Breaking Bad wrapped, Aaron Paul got a text from Bryan Cranston saying, ‘I miss you already.'” Aww, muffin!

-I love and adore Gillian Anderson, but I was not loving her look at the Producers Guild Awards this weekend. She later changed into something a little less harsh.

-Wow. 10 years ago was a really great time for Canadian music.

-It was a good weekend for Parks and Recreation fans. Not only did NBC promise to renew the sitcom, but Amy Poehler announced she’d be creating a new show starring Natasha Lyonne.

-The teaser trailer for Halle Berry‘s new TV show doesn’t actually feature Halle Berry. Someone’s getting fired for this.

-The teaser trailer for NBC’s About a Boy, however, is very cute.

Meryl Streep proved on Ellen last week that she can make absolutely everything sound interesting.

Connie Britton refuses to let the dream of a Friday Night Lights movie go.

-Here’s the new trailer for Adult World, starring John Cusack and Emma Roberts. Let’s all breathe a sigh of relief that it appears their characters’ relationship is platonic.