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January 18, 2014

SAG Awards: Best and Worst Dressed

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The stars threw out the red carpet rule book at this weekend’s SAG Awards, where they let their freak flags fly one last time in their last big outing before the Oscars. Not all of the risks worked, though. Here are my picks for the best and worst:


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It’s such a relief to see Amy Adams rebound so strongly after her American Hustle-esque Golden Globe gown. I love the colour and the neckline of this Antonio Berardi dress.

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Also rebounding from the Golden Globes is Anna Gunn, who graduated from a too-pale gown to this killer, midnight blue Monique Lhuillier sparkler with a cute Breaking Bad-themed clutch.

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Jennifer Lawrence also took a big step up from her GG gown in this sequined Dior Haute Couture. I loved it when I first thought it was just black, but I loved it even more once I figured out it was actually multi-coloured.

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It’s not often that Sofia Vergara makes my best dressed list (never, actually), but she finally managed to pour herself into a super tight dress that I don’t hate. She’s doing her usual vamp thing, but this one is actually not too over-the-top. I could have done without the necklace, but baby steps…

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It’s safe, it’s simple, it’s similar to something she’s worn before, but Jennifer Garner’s Max Mara dress is totally working for her. Love the giant earrings, too.


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Cate Blanchett can pretty much make anything work — even this odd Givenchy gown — but she’s really stretching our limits with this one. We’re not sure what’s worse: the tacky pink sequin detailing or the maternity-style draping.

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Sandra Bullock’s high-sheen Lanvin dress looks like it escaped from a pile of rejected bridesmaids dresses. The giant bow and the metallic heels aren’t helping, either.

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I can’t, Kerry Washington. I just can’t. You’re actually hurting my soul a little with this Prada midriff madness.

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I’m usually ok with a jumpsuit on a red carpet, especially for an awards show like this one. But the colour on Julia Roberts’ Valentino outfit seemed dated. Also, if it was darker, I think it would have camouflaged the awkward drop crotch and clinginess around the hips.

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I appreciate that Julie Bowen took a big swing with this risky Carolina Herrera dress and it’s certainly interesting. I just don’t think interesting always translates into good. Also, when she was being interviewed by E!, there was an obvious tear on the seam of her bodice. It’s strange that her people let her on camera without fixing it first.