Halle Berry’s Picks Cute Baby Name

Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez in Dark Tide. (Lionsgate)
Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez in Dark Tide. (Lionsgate)

-I like the name Halle Berry and Olivier Martinez chose for their new son: Maceo.

-Speaking of babies, Hart of Dixie villain Jamie King just had her first child, a boy.

Miley Cyrus has moved on from her foam finger. She’s reportedly dating Rolling Stone photographer Theo Wenner.

Justin Bieber’s new song isn’t totally terrible. What’s happening?!

-At least Avril Lavigne and Chad Kroeger are righting the world with their terrible, terrible duet.

Scarlett Johansson has been named Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive, seven years after first claiming the title.

-Meet George Clooney: Photobomber.

This prank that the marketing people behind Carrie are playing against unsuspecting coffee shop patrons if pure freakin’ evil and I would sue the crap out of them if it happened to me.

T.R. Knight married his longtime boyfriend on Friday and his former Grey’s Anatomy costar Katherine Heigl was in attendance.

-Meanwhile, Ellen Pompeo talked candidly about her former Grey’s costars in a new interview.

-Speaking of reuniting costars, 90210’s Jennie Garth and Tori Spelling to set to co-star and executive produce a new ABC Family pilot.

-No other series finale in recent years has tarnished a show’s memory quite like Dexter’s. But now comes word that the series ended the way it did because Showtime refused to let (SPOILER ALERT!) the writers kill off the main character. A similar thing happened with Homeland; the writers wanted to kill Brody (twice!) and Showtime wouldn’t let them, which explains last season’s suck spiral.

-NPR is streaming the new Dismemberment Plan album. Get your ears all up in there!

This interview, in which Patton Oswalt walks us through his crushes from the Whedonverse, is made of 100% pure charm.

Ariana Grande‘s ex Jai Brooks accused the singer of cheating on him with Nathan Sykes. Raise your hand if you have no idea who any of these people are. No? Just me?

Nina Dobrev and Derek Hough have entered the “matching boots” phase of their relationship.

-Glee has released a preview of Naya Rivera singing ‘If I Die Young‘ and Lea Michelle singing ‘Make You Feel My Love‘ on the Cory Monteith tribute episode. Sad face.

-The new Lizzie Bennet Diaries spinoff web series, Emma Approved, debuted today and it’s delightful. Emma and Mr. Knightley were introduced first, and they make decent stand-ins for Alicia Silverstone and Paul Rudd.

Connie Britton is giving hair tips. My life is complete now…

-God bless Amy Poehler. I mean, seriously, someone should be writing poems about this woman on a daily basis. Her speech at the Power of Women event actually made me tear up a bit.

-Speaking of crying, The Fault In Our Stars is set for a June 2014 release date. You might want to purchase stock in Kleenex accordingly.

-Are we supposed to be seeing what we’re seeing on Diane Kruger’s dress? Cause, um, no.

-ABC is having rough Sunday nights: Revenge is tanking in the ratings, as is Betrayal. Plus, they made a really unfortunate error last night while promoting Once Upon a Time in Wonderland — using Ginnifer Goodwin’s hoo-hah.

-Reboot is getting a reboot. My 9-year-old self is very excited by this news!

Quentin Tarantino’s picks for his favourite movies of 2013 aren’t as gory as I expected.

-Speaking of actors and their favourite movies, Adam Scott is making an impassioned defense of Midnight Run.

-In other movie news, a new trailer for Inside Llewyn Davis has landed. Am I the only one totally charmed by this?

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