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October 28, 2013

Beyonce Takes the Plunge

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Beyonce jumped off a tall building in New Zealand and looked great doing it.

Julianne Hough wore blackface as part of her Halloween costume, is real sorry about it.

Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne are fighting over cake (which is always worth fighting over).

-Netflix Canada is going to start streaming all seasons of Dawson’s Creek. There goes all my desire to ever leave the house again…

-What’s worse? Kim Kardashian‘s 16-year-old sister demanding bottle service, or Miley Cyrus‘ 13-year-old sister driving a car?

-Before being arrested, Chris Brown reportedly made several homophobic comments to the guy he’s accused of assaulting.

Alyssa Milano and Rose McGowan don’t sound too thrilled about CBS’ decision to reboot Charmed.

-How in the world did Felicity Jones (or the studio) think she fit in the Supporting Actress category for The Invisible Woman? She’s clearly the lead (not that she has a shot anyway).

Here’s the cast for Adam Scott’s ‘The Greatest Event in Television History: Part 3.’

-It’s on. Kanye West is suing YouTube’s co-founder over that leaked proposal video.

-Meanwhile, Kanye hints at having fighter jets at their wedding. Gee, and here we all thought it would be a low-key affair.

-Also, Kanye is opening a shop next door to the Kardashians’ Dash boutique.

-Here’s a new featurette on the Veronica Mars movie. In Rob Thomas‘ latest letter to Kickstarter supporters, he says an early test screening went well. “People were laughing and gasping and cheering.”

-Meanwhile, Kristen Bell says she’s “still on a high” after marrying Dax Shepard.

Michelle Trachtenberg looks great on this magazine cover. Georgina Sparks forever!

Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson sound like their having a drawl-off in this new True Detective trailer.

-Sesame Street’s Homeland spoof is perfection.

Anthony Bourdain spent a lot of time on his Twitter feed today standing up for Inuit seal hunting rights.

-Production on Fifty Shades of Grey is being pushed back a month.

-Meanwhile, leading man Jamie Dornan woke up to find himself a paparazzi target.

-Speaking of Fifty Shades, Kristin Chenoweth is dating its producer, Dana Brunetti.

Michael Jackson‘s doctor was released from prison today.

Robin Thicke and Paula Patton continue to try to convince us they’re madly in love and happy. They’re making out in a pumpkin patch. How much more evidence do you need?!

-I don’t watch The Carrie Diaries, but I like how Lindsey Gort is trying to imitate Kim Cattrall without doing a full-on impression in this clip.

Craig Ferguson is set to host a new game show produced by Courteney Cox and David Arquette.

Ellen DeGeneres is developing a lesbian-led sitcom for NBC.

-I couldn’t sleep last night so I watched The Talking Dead. I really shouldn’t have. Guest Marilyn Manson said he thought Carol killed someone because she’s on her period. Ugh.

George Clooney‘s mystery is someone named Amal Alamuddin. Don’t know her, already hate her.

Jay Z’s “wait and see” approach to the Barney’s profiling scandal is attracting lots of criticism.

Donald Glover just announced a last minute Childish Gambino listening session happening in a Toronto park tonight.

Justin Bieber likes to cuddle in bed with his rapper pals.

-The latest (and final) Hunger Games trailer looks pretty damn great!