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October 25, 2013

It’s Splitsville for Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr

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-I think the only thing surprising about Orlando Bloom and Miranda Kerr’s split is that it took this long. They’ve been fighting breakup rumours for a while now. Remember this?

Orlando didn’t address the breakup during his appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael this morning.

George Clooney was spotted with a mystery brunette. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t you.

Kylie Jenner reportedly pulled a “do you know who I am?” after being refused bottle service at a bar. Oh, did I mention she’s only 16?

-Here’s more evidence that Lena Dunham might soon land herself a Vogue cover.

-Speaking of making the Vogue cut, Seth Meyers’ wedding photos earned a spot.

-Let the soothing sound of Walter White’s voice convince you to buy an iPad Air.

-Just in case you weren’t already convinced that Jon Hamm was the manliest man to ever exist, he says he needs to shave three times a day when filming Mad Men.

January Jones, Freida Pinto and Audrey Tantou showed up to support Isabel Marant’s new collection for H&M last night.

-It seems that Lady Gaga is getting into the Movember spirit a little early.

-Someone on the interwebs needs to create an Emma Thompson Soundbite Generator. I would make it my homepage. Her latest bon mot is about how dancing with Prince Charles is “better than sex.”

-Here’s a video of Amy Poehler’s speech at Parks and Rec’s 100th episode celebration.

-Also, Amy showed off her lack of love for viral scare videos on Ellen.

Robert Pattinson was spotted laughing and cracking inappropriate jokes about golden showers. Who is he?!?

-I’ve never read Outlander, but everyone I follow on Twitter has LOTS of opinions on this new photo from the set of the TV adaptation.

-If this was Jamie Foxx‘s Gravity audition reel, it’s no wonder he didn’t get the part.

Katie Holmes just joined Twitter and her first post was a pic with Taylor Swift, so she’s obviously got the hang of it.

David Fincher is up to his old tricks. According to reports, the director is averaging 50 takes per scene on the set of Gone Girl.

Jennifer Lawrence is feeling a little blue in these new X Men: Days of Future Past photos. Here’s a teeny preview trailer too.

-Wow, Ben Foster looks amazing in photos from the new Lance Armstrong biopic.

-If you can’t manage a stellar Alan Rickman impersonation, don’t even bother. This advice has been brought to you by Alan Rickman.

-The Cut Copy album stream is totally kicking the Arcade Fire album stream‘s ass!

-The Big Bang Theory (which I don’t watch but apparently had one of its strongest episodes last night), featured a song written by Garfunkel & Oates which is now available on iTunes.

-I liked Blue Is the Warmest Color but would like it even more if they edited down the sex scenes, but critics do not seem to agree.

-It’s Friday. Welcome the weekend by taking the Brad Pitt Movie Hair quiz. (I only scored 8/15, which clearly means I’m failing at life.)

-Here’s a new trailer for Hours. Who knew Paul Walker was still making movies?!