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October 24, 2013

Paul McCartney Convince Every Hollywood Star To Be In His Video

Paul McCartney recruited a bunch of celebrities for his new music video, including Johnny Depp, Jude Law, Tom Ford, Sienna Miller, Tracey Ullman, Sean Penn and Chris Pine. This just confirms my belief that I really want to go dancing with Meryl Streep.

Mary McCormack was reportedly “blindsided” by TMZ’s photos of her husband kissing Katharine McPhee. That might just be the suckiest ever way to find out already sucky news. She’s reportedly kicked him out of the house.

-Meanwhile, sources say McPhee is “embarrassed” by the photos. Ya think?

-I know it’s lame to be shocked by anything Lady Gaga wears at this point, but WTF?

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are reportedly going to sue the friend who posted their proposal video online. The guy was the co-founder of YouTube — what exactly did they expect?

-God bless the New York Post and Jezebel for calling out Kate Bosworth as a mocktress. There’s zero reason for anyone to be talking about her any more, let alone putting her on magazine covers. (Though that all may change, depending on how deeply Vanity Fair delves in Gwyneth Paltrow‘s marriage rumours.)

Drake’s birthday cake features both the CN Tower and Shoppers Drug Mart, which means it’s pretty much exactly as you pictured it.

Russell Brand the comedian is just ok, but Russell Brand the intellect always knocks my socks off. Check out his latest takedown. (I recommend watching the whole thing, but he really gets going just after the 8-minute mark when he starts explaining why he refuses to vote.)

-In honour of Movember, Nick Offerman is walking us through the history of the ‘stache.

-I’m a big fan of Jamie Dornan’s casting in Fifty Shades of Grey, because he did such a good job playing a psycho who has serious issues with powerful women in The Fall — and let’s face it, that’s Christian Grey to a T.

-Also, Scott Eastwood still seems to think he has a shot at the role. Aw, sweetie.

George Clooney‘s The Monuments Men has officially been delayed to Feb. 7, making it the first time in history I’m actually looking forward to a February movie.

-In case you were wondering, Tom Hanks is still the absolute best person ever. Check out this video of him meeting an autistic fan.

-I’m kind of over the ombre hair thing, but Natalie Portman is making it work.

-NBC is remaking Murder, She Wrote with Octavia Spencer (whom I love, but seriously NBC, it’s like you’re not even pretending to try anymore.)

-Speaking of TV, I follow a lot of critics on Twitter and they’re all losing their poo over this Sunday’s upcoming episode of The Good Wife.

Arcade Fire is streaming their new Reflecktor album on YouTube. Is it weird that I don’t love it?

Baby George‘s official christening photos have been released. Man, I wish the Queen was holding him. It looks like she’s almost considering it in one of them.

-I’m not sure I’m feeling Kate Middleton‘s latest Jenny Packham gown.

-Meanwhile, I’m totally feeling Diane Kruger’s dress here.

-The Book Thief is one of those novels that just killed me. Even the new trailer for the movie makes me a little weepy. Lord knows how I’m going to survive two whole hours of this…

-Speaking of novels that I fell in love with, this review of Rainbow Rowell‘s latest is bang on. When I got to the last page of her previous book, Eleanor & Park, I immediately flipped back to the front to start again, which I’ve never done before.

-I really liked Buzzfeed’s article on how we’re seeing a completely new kind of black woman on television thanks to Scandal and Sleepy Hollow,

-The new Hunger Games: Catching Fire trailer has me way too excited.

Deadline and Hollywood Reporter are currently engaged in a bit of a pissing match.

Amy Poehler was on Ellen today, joking about how she’s only drinking juice before hosting the Golden Globes.

-The first trailer for Captain America: The Winter Soldier has arrived. It actually looks pretty great!