Christina Applegate Quits Up All Night

Christina Applegate and Will Arnett in Up All Night
Christina Applegate and Will Arnett in Up All Night
Christina Applegate and Will Arnett in Up All Night. (Photo: Colleen Hayes/ NBCUniversal)

-Whoa! Christina Applegate just bailed on Up All Night because “the show has taken a different creative direction.”

-In another sign that NBC is in trouble (read just how much here), even Community‘s ratings were better than Smash’s.

-In other NBC sitcom news, I loved this article about how The Office keeps trying to shove an “emotional Poochie” between Jim and Pam. “Watching John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer attempt to integrate this nonsense into their well-drawn fictional lives had all the charm of a hostage video.”

-Is the pressure of SNL getting to Justin Bieber? He vomited during rehearsals.

Amanda Bynes tweeted (and then quickly deleted) about Jay-Z’s “ugly face.” Girl, you in trouble!

-More proof that John Mayer and Allison Williams are just friends: Katy Perry is taking Allison to the Grammys this weekend.

Kanye West just pulled a Beyonce and demanded every photo of him wearing a leather skirt be deleted.

Scott Porter, don’t make me question my love for you!

Emma Stone is adorable in this behind-the-scenes video on the set of her new Revlon ad.

-The storm made Katie Holmes miss her own fashion presentation during NYFW.

-Speaking of fashion, WTF is Sarah Jessica Parker wearing here?!

-Oh god. Another Twilight fanfic just got turned into a book — and it looks terrible.

-Speaking of Twilight, Kristen Stewart just landed a new movie role alongside Elizabeth Banks and Jim Sturgess.

-I really like David Walton. He was great in the little-seen Bent and has been awesome on New Girl, so I fully support him leading the new About a Boy sitcom. (It’s being created from the guy behind Roswell, Parenthood and Friday Night Lights, so that’s also a plus.)

-In other TV news, Vince Gilligan will write and direct Breaking Bad‘s finale.

Steven Tyler is proposing a new anti-paparazzi Senate bill.

James Cromwell was arrested for protesting on behalf of PETA. That’ll do, animal haters. That’ll do.

Britney Spears posted a photo of her new puppy, but I’m too focused on the interior of her house to focus on the fluffball.

-Meanwhile, Caesars is attempting to recruit Britney for a Vegas residency after all.

Ellen Page is set to make her directorial debut with Miss Stevens, starring Anna Faris.

-PSA alert: you’ll probably need to know what the “Harlem Shake” is.

Jennifer Lawrence has landed in London for the BAFTAs (which is the same night as the Grammys. Expect to be scrolling through a lot of red carpet galleries Monday morning.)

-The trailer for Justin Long‘s new indie Lumpy has landed.

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