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February 6, 2013

Idris Elba Covers GQ

Idris Elba poses for the March 2013 issue of British GQ, out Feb 7. (Photo: GQ)

Idris Elba looks amazing in British GQ. But why is he spreading his legs like that in nearly every photo? IS HE TRYING TO KILL ME?!?

-In news I probably love a little too much to be healthy, Leighton Meester and Adam Brody have been dating since working together on The Oranges (which, judging by its TIFF reviews, is terrible so at least something good came from it). Leighton is kinda like Summer Roberts and Adam is kinda like Dan Humphrey, so it’s almost like they’ve reunited Seth/Summer and Blair/Dan all at once!

Kris Humphries is not going to let Kim Kardashian‘s pregnancy stop him from trying to get in the record books for the longest divorce proceedings in history.

-I love that exes Sandra Bullock and Matthew McConaughey are still tight. Their kids were spotted hanging out at the zoo together.

Jennifer Lawrence continued her charm tour on last night’s Conan, explaining her stint as a Abercrombie & Fitch model was short-lived because the other models “were model footballing and I was real footballing,” and talking about that time she stalked John Stamos.

-Speaking of great talk show appearances, Jessica Chastain was adorable on Ellen!

-I was hoping Beyonce would be above this kind of crap, but her publicist asked Buzzfeed to remove their “unflattering” photos from her Super Bowl performance.

Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard are very cute on Sesame Street. They’re two people who are way more tolerable as a couple than as individuals, no?

-I love this story about how this year’s hot new Oscar campaigning trick is tears.

-Why is Will Smith hanging around Montreal Fashion Week?

-I hope the rumours that Canadian actor Colm Feore will play baddie Norman Osborn in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 turn out to be true.

Ryan Gosling may have just cast his girlfriend in his directorial debut. I’ll just wait here in case you need a few minutes to yell into a pillow or something…

-Don’t expect to see any sideboob or butt crack on this year’s Grammys. Sad face.

-There’s a new Prince song on YouTube! (Which is weird ’cause Prince hates YouTube and is constantly pulling his music from it, but who’s complaining?) Breakfast has never sounded sexier.

The Wanted just landed a reality show. Is that what all the Lindsay Lohan shenanigans were about?

Lainey’s TED Talk on the sociology of gossip is now up on YouTube, and it’s great!

-I very much prefer Skyfall’shonest” trailer.

-Check out David Beckham‘s new H&M ad, directed by Guy Ritchie. It’s awesome — mostly because he doesn’t talk.

Justin Bieber‘s SNL promos have arrived and they’re pretty terrible. The fact that he’s so obviously reading “Hi, I’m Justin Bieber” off a cue card doesn’t bode well. Couldn’t he have maybe memorized that line?

-Meanwhile, are we really supposed to believe that Rihanna would sleep with Justin Bieber? I can kinda sorta maybe get my head wrapped around the Miranda Kerr rumour, but Rihanna?!

-Also, Chris Brown prepped for his court appearance by spending some time with Rihanna.

Smash may have improved (according to critics, anyway), but the ratings certainly haven’t. Last night’s premiere couldn’t even match Parenthood’s numbers.

-I freakin’ love Dave Franco (and remain mystified that he could possibly be related to James).

-Is anyone else concerned that Bradley Cooper is bro’ing around with Leonardo DiCaprio?

-I feel like I’m constantly embarrassed by anything involving Jennifer Love Hewitt.

-Sadness: the guy who played Ethan (one of my favourite villains on Buffy) passed away.

-I like Robert Downey Jr.‘s intro to the extended Iron Man 3 trailer.