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February 22, 2013

Jennifer Lawrence Stuns in Dior Ads

jennifer-lawrence-dior-ads -Win or lose this weekend (and more and more pundits are pegging her for the ‘lose’ column against Emmanuelle Riva), Jennifer Lawrence is a total stunner in her new Dior ads.

-Meanwhile, Jennifer Garner and Kristen Stewart have just been added to the Oscar presenter list.

-I love the Fug Girls’ Oscar fashion preview. I also love this article on what this year’s Oscar nominations say about America.

-I’ll be live-blogging the red carpet and ceremony with the MSN crew. Click here starting at 5:30 p.m. ET on Sunday night to join the fun!

-Does Taylor Swift have a new guy? She was spotted with British singer Tom Odell in London.

-Meanwhile, Taylor doesn’t know why her musician exes don’t write songs about her in response to her songs about them. She’s got a point.

-Something good came out of ABC cancelling Apt 23James Van Der Beek was just cast as a gynecologist in a CBS comedy pilot.

Alec Baldwin says he’s “very disappointed” that Shia LaBeouf leaked those apology emails.

-The Nicolas Sparks movies just keep comin’. Another novel of his is being turned into a movie, except this one has a paranormal twist (which, apparently, Safe Haven has, too.)

-A lot of the journalist peeps I follow on Twitter were railing against Gawker using Ryan Gosling and Kate Upton to explain the sequester, but I thought it was awesome.

-Remember when Megan Fox and Michael Bay were publicly sniping at each other through the press? That seems to be over now. She just signed on to his Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles remake. Groan.

-The first poster for The Hunger Games: Catching Fire is out. It’s cute how they made Josh Hutcherson look taller than Jennifer Lawrence.

-My boys @jondekel and @JeevanBrar got to spend a day competing in the Big Brother Canada house!

-As I mentioned yesterday, last night’s Parks and Recreation wedding episode was total perfection — but the ratings sure weren’t. It got trounced by an especially strong Vampire Diaries episode, which beat out both NBC and ABC. As a matter of fact, NBC ranked 5th during sweeps, even trailing behind Univision!

-Meanwhile, I really liked this comparison of Leslie Knope and Liz Lemon’s weddings.

-Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is engaged, making me feel super old.

Anna Paquin is the latest star to drop her baby weight in an alarmingly short time.

-This might be the best worst photo of Kim Kardashian ever taken!

-Another courtroom fail for Lindsay Lohan: yesterday a New York federal judge threw out her lawsuit against Pitbull.

-Here’s another clip of Seth Rogen on The Mindy Project. He’s weirdly charming in this.

Ethan Hawke just dissed the Oscars in a very Troy Dyer kind of way.

-In our Oscar podcast, we talked a bit about who was doing a good job at campaigning this season (JLaw) and who wasn’t (Affleck). Vulture has a really interesting, in-depth article about it. Crazy how some people think Jessica Chastain blew her Oscar chances with her “awful” Golden Globes acceptance speech.

Rob Delaney is one of my favourite celebrities to follow on Twitter (just behind Josh Malina). Last night Jimmy Kimmel got old people to read some of his tweets, with awesome results.