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January 2013

Beyonce Talks Miscarriage, Sings Live

Beyonce opens up about a miscarriage in her new HBO documentary.

-Meanwhile, Bey sang the national anthem live at a press conference today. Take that!

-My buddy Jon got to visit the Breaking Bad set earlier this week (which led to lots of jealousy and excitment from me. Mostly jealousy.) Here’s his first interview.

-Speaking of BB, the guy who plays Saul is starring in a Super Bowl ad with Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd.

-Important PSA: If you DVR the 30 Rock finale tonight, you’re going to want to add some extra time at the end.

-Meanwhile, I love that Mindy Kalling spent most of the day tweeting out video clips of 30 Rock’s funniest moments!

-In related 30 Rock news, Tracy Morgan is going to be a dad!

-So is ScrubsDonald Faison.

Chris Brown‘s list of people to beat up is giving me the LAWLs.

-I can finally stop trying to get people to watch The Lizzie Bennet Diaries — it’s hit the bigtime thanks to this Buzzfeed piece. (Plus all this went down yesterday, which basically made the fandom explode.)

-You can kinda sorta maybe see Kim Kardashian‘s belly bump in this picture.

-Is Daniel Craig holding up the Dragon Tattoo sequel? More importantly, does anyone out there even want it?

Melissa McCarthy was predictably amazing on The Daily Show this week.

-The Gossip Girl complete series DVDs feature the most ridiculously bad Photoshop job I’ve ever seen, which is somehow really fitting.

Keri Russell is beyond adorable in this video interview. I love the part where she talks about how she still calls Scott Speedman a lot. Ben + Felicity 4eva!

Lindsay Lohan is seeking $1M from the company she collaborated on a leggings line with. Hey, girl’s gotta eat/get Botox money somehow!

Louis CK doesn’t want to to pose for a photo with you, but he will hang out with you.

-The Somebody Up There Likes Me trailer is out. The main selling point seems to be Ron Swanson in geeky glasses, which is more than enough for me!

-I am in love this animated short! It played before Wreck it Ralph and is finally online.

Rihanna On Chris Brown: “If It’s a Mistake, It’s My Mistake”


Rihanna defends her relationship with Chris Brown in the new issue of Rolling Stone, saying “You think you know, but it’s different now.” Commence global eye-roll…now!

-After a lot of drama (which involved pretending to be ill while really shopping with her mother in NYC), Lindsay Lohan finally dragged her ass to court today, where the judge told her (and her ridiculous new lawyer) that her probabation remains revoked and that her trial will start March 18. But hey, she arrived in a Hummer sporting the license plates “IMTRYNG,” so there’s that.

Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti announced their separation last night, and she quickly tried to reinforce the “amicable” bit by following up the announcement with a sweet tweet.

George Clooney continues to be the dreamiest dreamboat, paying the tab of the guy eating next to him because he thought his table was being too loud. (The recipient btw, thought George‘s group was behaving “in a very cultivated manner” and didn’t even notice him.)

-Oh goodie. Ke$ha is debuting an MTV reality series in April.

-Oh goodie, part deux. Justin Timberlake is performing at the Grammys.

Will Smith and Jay-Z are producing a modern day remake of Annie (what?), but rumours that it’ll star Willow Smith aren’t true (whew!) and it’ll be directed by Easy A‘s Will Gluck (yay!). That just gave me so many feels.

-There will be an Entourage movie, for some reason. At least Adrian Grenier seems pretty happy about it.

Jason London didn’t just drop some homophobic slurs in a cop car, he also dropped a deuce!

-I love this photo of Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell snapping pictures of Kate Hudson‘s new Ann Taylor poster. Such proud parents!

How I Met Your Mother has been renewed for a final season. (I can’t believe they lured Jason Segel into one more year, but at least it’s being put out of its misery.)

-Just in case we momentarily forgot, Cate Blanchett reminds us that she’s total perfection with this Armani Privé dress.

-It it wrong that I was kind of impressed by J.C. Chasez’s cover of The Lumineers’ “Hey Ho”?

-Sweet! The Strokes just announced a new album called Comedown Machine, coming on March 26.

-These photos of Nicole Kidman palling around with Russell Crowe at the airport are kind of adorable.

Lucy Liu got a pie in the face after playing an especially messy game of “Rock, Paper, Scissors” on Fallon.

Bradley Cooper’s abs caused women to “literally fall off their bikes” at a recent spinning class. Since when did the world turn into a Cathy comic strip?

-Lots of Community goodness today! I got the screener for the premiere (haven’t watched it yet, but I’m tingly with anticipation), plus the show’s writers and Joel McHale will be participating in AMAs Feb. 6th and 7th, respectively. Meanwhile, here’s a clip from the Community premiere.

-Speaking of sitcoms, I really liked Vulture’s piece defending New Girl as the best sitcom on network TV right now. It’s certainly getting there (and might have an even better shot at the title soon, considering the uncertain futures of Happy Endings, Parks and Rec and Community). Plus, last night’s episode was pure gold. (Click here to read an interview with the show’s creator about how this jaw-dropping moment almost didn’t happen.) The show has gotten markedly better, especially when you compare it to say, The Mindy Project, which has become increasingly erratic.

Emma Stone in Bed with Bradley Cooper and Ben Affleck


Emma Stone is sandwiched between Bradley Cooper and Ben Affleck on the cover of this year’s Hollywood issue of Vanity Fair. I’m not sure why the boys are dressed like bears/gorillas, but it’s still adorable.

-Despite referring to herself as “married” in the new issue of CosmoMiley Cyrus‘ rep insists the nuptials have yet to take place.

-In other wedding news, Meadow Soprano…err, Jamie-Lynn Sigler is engaged to a guy named Cutter. Is David Chase still scripting her life?

-There’s lots of chatter about John Mayer exploding a charm bomb all over Girls‘ star Allison Williams, but  he’s friends with her BF so I’m guessing it was an innocent outing. Don’t count Katy Perry out just yet.

Taylor Swift just inked a new deal with Diet Coke, calling it one of the “great loves” of her life. Sure, until one day she opens a can that’s gone flat and writes an angry song about it.

-Good news: Amy Poehler is writing the best book you’ll read next year.

-Meanwhile, Amy‘s BFF Tina Fey and Steve Carell are teaming up for another movie.

-Speaking of Tina, here’s her final Q&A for (Her answer to “Glee or Grey’s Anatomy?” is perfect.) Plus, this essay on 30 Rock‘s racial legacy might just be the best thing I’ve read this week.

-I’m glad Jonathan Coulton is not backing down from his fight with Glee of their rip-off of his cover.

-Another day, another Britney Spears Starbucks run. Should we be worried? At least she’s still going to church.

-There is not one, but TWO new episodes of Happy Endings. Still not watching it? This clip should change your mind. If it doesn’t, your mind isn’t working.

Doug Benson tweeted this photo of Jon Hamm yesterday (which is not only hilarious, it also indicates that Jon will prob be on an upcoming Doug Loves Movies).

Justin Bieber is getting over his split with the help of some random boob grabbing (though the owner of the boob in question insists he was a gentleman).

-Meanwhile, Justin made a big deal about showing off his abs. Um, thanks?

-Authorities say Frank Ocean is “desirous of prosecution” against Chris Brown. I knew I loved him for a reason.

-Even Jason Priestley is holding out hope for a Jennie Garth/Luke Perry romance IRL.

K-os‘ new album is out today and it’s kind of awesome! It’s streaming on CBC right now if you want a preview.

-Did we know Matthew McConaughey‘s new baby is called Livingston? I loved the name when I first heard it, but then I started wondering if it’s a riff on his “You gotta just keep livin’ man, L-I-V-I-N!” mantra from Dazed and Confused, and then I started feeling really bad for the kid…

-Sweet! Ken Marino‘s Bachelor parody/web series Burning Love (which features a steady stream of Veronica Mars alums) will start airing on E!

Lindsay Lohan is reportedly planning to skip a court date tomorrow because she’s “sick.”

-Real-life Revenge couple Emily VanCamp and Josh Bowman look like they’re still going strong. (If only the same could be said for their show…)

-It’s a few decades too late, but Tommy Mottola just called his marriage to Mariah Carey “wrong and inappropriate,” saying “I should of maintained my distance.”

-Despite a promising tweet, Jane Kaczmarek is not reuniting with Bryan Cranston on an episode of Breaking Bad. But she will star in a feature for the Breaking Bad DVD.

-The first trailer for Michael Gondry’s latest movie, Mood Indigo, is out.