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February 5, 2013

Don’t Ask Keira Knightley About Spring Trends

-I’m really liking Keira Knightley‘s Marie Claire cover (and her liberal use of the f-bomb in the accompanying behind-the-scene video).

-Not surprisingly, Chris Brown comes off looking like a jerky jerkface in the official police report detailing his fight with Frank Ocean (who’s generously decided not to pursue charges).

-Meanwhile, L.A. District Attorney Jackie Lacey believes Brown may have faked the 1,400 hours of court-ordered community service he received for assaulting Rihanna.

Russell Brand couldn’t give less f**ks about Katy Perry‘s relationship with John Mayer.

-Maybe he’s too busy putting the creepy moves on Katherine McPhee to care?

-Not that I condone cyber-bullying, but this story about how a group of Tweeters got Shia LaBeouf to shut down his Twitter account is kind of ingenious.

Jonah Hill, Gerard Butler, Leonardo DiCaprio, Mel Gibson and Bradley Cooper all went clubbing together in Miami and the world failed to implode. Huh.

-I’m loving everything about Blake Lively’s outfit here. (Especially because she just talked – yet again – about how she doesn’t use a stylist.)

-Whoa. Have you seen the New York Times‘ interactive feature on the last 15 years of red carpet trends yet? I got a little lost in it.

-Proving Canadians make everything better, HIMYM actually didn’t suck last night. (I love how Tim Horton’s jumped on “The Priestley“.)

-Speaking of HIMYM, god bless the folks at Vulture for creating fake liner notes for Robin Sparkles’ Greatest Hits.

-Speaking of fake TV plots turned real interwebby things, here are the rules for New Girl‘s True American. (Perhaps Dermot Mulroney wouldn’t have called it “chaos” if he’d just read this first.)

Nicole Kidman wouldn’t contribute a soundbite to 60 Minutes‘ piece on Naomi Watts, so now everyone’s wondering if there’s trouble in BFFville.

Justin Timberlake is releasing a documentary. Who does he think he is, Beyonce?

-Wait, why has the Divergent adaptation been renamed to Catbird?!

-Did you know that Canadians can’t buy Lawrence Wright’s highly buzzed book about Scientology?

-I really like this interview with ShamelessJustin Chatwin, mostly because he admits that he and costar Emmy Rossum don’t always get along, which is refreshingly honest.

Judy Greer is writing a book which will feature chapters like “Celebrities I’ve Peed Next To.” YES!

-I kinda love that Alexander Skarsgard and Jack McBrayer continue to be BFFs.

-Speaking of BFFs, Gwyneth Paltrow and Cameron Diaz were spotted jetting off together.

-Pretty much everyone showed up to yesterday’s Academy’s Nominees Luncheon (to be henceforth known as that time Tommy Lee Jones almost smiled.)

Katie Couric made Robert DeNiro cry, which then made Bradley Cooper cry, which then made me cry. (FF to 5:19 to get in on the teary action.)

Marc Maron is the latest podcaster to get his own TV show, following in The Nerdist and Comedy Bang Bang‘s footsteps.

-The full trailer for Fast & Furious 6 has landed. Um, yeah.