Avatar’s Sam Worthington Arrested in Atlanta

Sam Worthington was arrested in Atlanta. (ATLANTA CITY DETENTION CENTER)
Sam Worthington was arrested in Atlanta. (ATLANTA CITY DETENTION CENTER)

Sam Worthington just got arrested — and pepper sprayed — after refusing to show his ID at a restaurant in Atlanta. Check out that mug shot!

-There’s a baby on the way for Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard. Our lil’ Veronica Mars is all grow’d up!

No Doubt apologized for their offensive Native American-themed music video with a variation of the ol’ the ‘hey, some of our best friends are black’ defence.

-NBC is launching a new show called Deception, but judging from the trailer it should really be called NBC’s Revenge Rip-Off.

-Speaking of new TV shows, Diablo Cody just sold a romantic sitcom script to ABC.

-It was bound to happen. After filming that kinky music video with a porn star, Miley Cyrus has gotten a $1 million offer to do actual porn.

Lady Gaga‘s weight continues to fluctuate, and people continue to care.

-Dammit, now Aisha Tyler is going to be on Glee? Stop trying to lure me back, Glee!!

-I’m digging Kristen Stewart‘s edgy outfit at the On The Road premiere (though she quickly changed into a t-shirt and jeans after the red carpet, of course!)

-Get ready for awkwardness overload! KStew is on Leno tonight, while RPattz is hitting up Kimmel.

-Meanwhile, KStew is eyeing a new movie role opposite Ben Affleck. (Speaking of whom, I finally got around to seeing Argo this weekend. Wow. And is it weird that Shaggy Ben was totally working for me?)

NCIS Star Michael Nouri (who will always be known as Nick from Flashdance to me) was arrested on suspicion of domestic violence.

Idris Elba is on the verge of becoming the first black James Bond — and this dorky new video threatens to derail it all! Mumford & Sons? For reals?

-Hurray! Bret McKenzie is writing songs for the Muppets sequel.

Jimmy Kimmel issued another one of his YouTube Challenges, this time he asked parents to record themselves telling their kids that they ate all of their Halloween candy. The super understanding kids at the end of the video are great. “It’s ok; I just want you to be happy.”

Brad Pitt just launched a furniture line. This might be the closest you’ll ever get to sitting on him.

-So news of a Boy Meets World sequel wasn’t just a tequila-induced fever dream? Huh.

-What is Nicole Kidman wearing?! I know hats are a bullet you’ve got to bite when you attend a derby, but you should at least try to pick one that doesn’t look like it was recently commandeered by rabid pigeons.

Mark Wahlberg and wife Rhea Durham were all PDY-y at their son’s soccer game.

-What do we all think of Beyonce’s new bangs? You know you care!

-The Side Effects trailer, starring Chatum Tanning and Ro0ney Mara, has landed.


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