Channing Tatum To Be Crowned Sexiest Man Alive?

Channing Tatum in Dear John. (Screen Gems)
Channing Tatum in Dear John. (Screen Gems)

-Gossip Cop has confirmed what we long suspected: this year’s Sexiest Man Alive title will go to Channing Tatum even though, as Jezebel notes, “none of his face-holes really open all the way.”

-I’m actually OK with Chan winning this year. Ryan Gosling hasn’t done enough lately, and Jon Hamm needs to be punished for his ongoing pants problem. (Seriously, how does this keep happening? Can’t someone organize an underwear intervention?!)

People reports that Katie Holmes “drew applause on several occasions” at last night’s Broadway preview of Dead Accounts — though what else would they dare say?

-Not surprising: Robert Pattinson was cringe-worthy and awkward on Kimmel last night. Actually surprising: Kristen Stewart did OK on Leno.

-Meanwhile, Taylor Lautner has gotten really good at deflecting questions about his costars’ romantic status.

-Also, Cameron Diaz reportedly tried to break herself off a piece of RPattz but he “was not having it.” Since when?

-Guys, Britney Spears is writing a novel. Like, for reals.

Elizabeth Olsen is dating the cute guy from The Big C. Approved!

Kristen Bell showed off her tiny (and conveniently timed) baby bump.

Rihanna just confirmed that Chris Brown will be featured on her next album. Sigh.

-Also, Katy Perry is reportedly pissed at Rihanna because of the Chris Brown thing. Pick a side, y’all!

-I love the expression on Alec Baldwin’s wife’s face in this photo. We hear ya, lady.

-I’m now determined to read Kate Moss‘ new book, based solely on what she has to say about Christy Turlington: “The last time I saw Christy, she was wearing a twin-set. You can think twin-set, but you can’t wear one.”

This video of Roger Waters learning to cook langoustines is an awesome music/cooking/politics stew!

Kirstie Alley just revealed that she and Patrick Swayze had an affair while they were both married. I don’t know why this breaks my heart, but it sorta does.

Lindsay “Still on Probation” Lohan will be charged for lying about her Porsche accident last summer.

Kelsey Grammer was just exonerated from any alleged involvement in a Ponzi scheme.

Gossip Girl reached a series low last night. Judging from these ratings, it looks like even the cast’s mothers can’t be bothered to tune in at this point.

Scarlett Johansson previews her Psycho shower scene re-enactment in Hitchcock on the new cover of V.

Brian Austin Green says he and Megan Fox were able to hide their baby news by using Reese Witherspoon for cover.

-A new track from The Weeknd has landed.

Heather Matarazzo (aka Lilly from The Princess Diaries) has split from her fiancée.

-This photo of Joshua Jackson goofing around with  Olympic bronze medallist Karina LeBlanc made my day.

-I can’t tell if this is actually a picture of Mischa Barton, or if they just propped up her Madame Tussauds’s wax figure for this photo opp.

-Want to see a portrait of a nude and pregnant Sienna Miller? Thought so.

Jared Leto is set to play an HIV-positive cross-dresser alongside Matthew McConaughey in Dallas Buyer’s Club. Yes, please.

-A whole bunch of celebrities made a video encouraging people to get out and vote. (Try not to be too distracted by the weird snot-snorting noise Leonardo DiCaprio makes at the 2:40 mark).

Birthday girl Emma Stone made a “movies of my life” list for EW, and it’s perfection. I admire anyone who expresses unabashed love for Spice World and The Holiday.

-What happened between Julianne Moore and her stylist to get them to this place? These outfit choices are starting to veer into vindictive territory…

-The first bit of footage from Brad Pitt‘s World War Z has landed. It doesn’t exactly scream “this movie is cursed,” but there’s still time.

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