Gwyneth Paltrow’s Perfect Part

gwyneth paltrow the politician

Gwyneth Paltrow is on the cover of The Hollywood Reporter with Ben Platt to promote Ryan Murphy‘s new Netflix show The Politician, in which she plays Platt’s ultra-rich, entitled stepmom. Has there ever been a more perfect headline than “Wealth & Privilege & Gwyneth”? She talks about working with husband Brad Falchuk, who co-created the show (“It’s so fun to be working with someone who you’re in love with. I was like, ‘Agh! He’s so hot, he’s so talented, this is so fun'”) and is hilariously dismissive of playing the game (“I’m definitely going to do some promotion. As little as I can get away with, but still”).

Taylor Swift dredges up her Kim Kardashian feud for her Vogue cover story.

-Fleabag’s Phoebe Waller Bridge was adorable (and adorably naughty) while playing Think Fast! with Jimmy Fallon.

-The 90210 premiere scored the best series premiere of the summer, with ratings more than double the best performance by any other broadcast scripted series this season.

-Meanwhile, Shannen Doherty says she definitely wasn’t going to do the show — “They didn’t need me, so it just wasn’t, at that moment, what I wanted to be doing” — but when Luke Perry passed away things “drastically changed” and she saw it as an opportunity to honour him.

-Stellar human being Emma Watson and Time’s Up UK announced a workplace harassment hotline.

-Stellar human being No 2 Danny Trejo played a real-life hero yesterday when he helped rescue a baby trapped in an overturned car after a collision at a Los Angeles intersection.

Bon Iver just dropped a new album and I need to cancel all my plans and go brood to it…

-The mukbang trend has officially peaked: Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski’s did a sponcon one.

-In the latest “white men fail up” news, the Game Of Thrones creators just closed a $200M Netflix deal. On the plus side, it looks like this means Confederate is dead in the water.

-Figure skater Scott Moir is engaged to someone who isn’t Tessa Virtue and my Twitter TL is all up in their feels about it.

-Oh my god, there’s a chance that Happy Endings might be revived and I NEED IT. Do you know how many times I’ve referenced “whore’s bath” in my life? (Spoiler alert: too many times.)

-Now that Schitt’s Creek has won over fans in the US, it looks like Letterkenny is the next Canadian comedy up to bat.

Michelle Williams will reprise her role as Anne/She-Venom in Andy Serkis’ Venom 2. Get that Marvel money, girl.

Antonio Banderas plays a director whose heyday is behind him in the Pain and Glory trailer, the latest from Pedro Almodóvar.

Gary Oldman gets stuck with his family on a haunted boat in the first trailer for Mary.

Shia LaBeouf stars as fictionalized version of his father in the Honey Boy trailer, written by him and costarring Lucas Hedges, FKA twigs and Natasha Lyonne.

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