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Victoria Beckham Says She’s “Really Good Value at a Dinner Party”

victoria beckham elle uk

Victoria Beckham is on the cover of Elle UK, in which she insists she smiles IRL. “I’m really good value at a dinner party – I want to relax and have a laugh. I like to have fun, and I think that often surprises people.”

Anne Hathaway has been exceptionally thoughtful and articulate during her Colossal press tour, but this interview with Jezebel may be my favourite — mostly because she doesn’t shy away from the fact that the site had posted incredibly mean things about her in the past. (The postscript to the interview with the reporter’s realization that he once posted Anne’s crotch shot is especially worth your time.)

-Yes, Antonio Banderas scented candles are a real thing that exist. (Unfortunately, they don’t actually smell like Antonio Banderas.)

Chris Evans says he cried when he told his mom he lost his virginity.

Olivia Munn and Aaron Rodgers have split after 3 years together. His family must be having a goddamn hootenanny right about now…

-Buzzfeed asks a very valid question: how many times does Nicole Kidman have to prove herself?

-Hmmm…Meghan Markle just shut down her lifestyle blog, The Tig. Everyone is assuming this means she’s positioning herself for a role in the royal fam. (Of course, her camp says that speculation is false.)

Sandra Bullock is just living her life in Wyoming (complete with a great jacket).

-On today’s episode of The Talk, Sharon Osbourne recalled seeing her X Factor costar Mel B with “a black eye and bruising everywhere.”

Elizabeth Hurley is 51 and she looks like this. I don’t even know how that’s possible.

Cuba Gooding Jr. says he didn’t intend to exhibit “sexual misconduct” when he lifted up Sarah Paulson’s dress. Well then, give the man a medal!

Emma Stone responded to that teen’s viral La La Land-inspired promposal, telling him  “I’m in London working, but I hope you have the best time at prom… P.S. I do see Gosling around the eyes.”

-It’s the week before the F&F movie comes out and Vin Diesel is downplaying his reported beef with Dwayne Johnson.

-If I had all that HBO money, I’d probably do exactly what Lena Dunham just did.

Kristen Stewart runs, jumps and dances in the new ad for Chanel’s latest “it” bag.

Joe Manganiello likes Dungeons & Dragons so much he wrote a script about it. I remember listening to him on the Nerdist podcast and being shocked by how gloriously geeky he is.

-According to GOOP, you can cure your insomnia by walking around barefoot. Sounds totes legit!

-There’s reportedly intense infighting among the six potential heirs that stand to inherit Prince’s fortune.

-When I die, please bury me in Laura Dern’s bathtub.

Rami Malek is on the run in the trailer for Buster’s Mal Heart.

Is Ben Affleck Rebounding with his Nanny?


-Us Weekly’s new cover story claims that Ben Affleck is dating his kids’ 28-year-old nanny, a story he is vehemently denying. Let’s hope it’s not true, if for no other reason than it’s just so predictable. Have we all learned nothing from Jude?

-It looks like Channing Tatum‘s deal to play Gambit may be unraveling. That sucks. Not only did I want to see “Channing Tatum, superhero” now I’m never going to get to call him Chambit!

-In happier superhero news, Chris Pine is in talks to star in Wonder Woman — as her supportive mortal boyfriend.

-See? Stories like this make me kind of love Tom Cruise. I know there is lots of…stuff…. in his life, but everyone I know who’s interviewed him has nothing but effusive praise. He knows why he’s there, he knows what you need out of it, and he’s going to do his best to give it to you because that’s his JOB.

-Everyone’s bashing Cara Delevingne for how she handled this morning show interview, but I’ve never liked her more. She was sarcastic, arch and perfectly British in the face of some truly terrible questions.

-Every time Scott Speedman gets cast in a new TV show, and angel earns its wings. And by angel, I mean me. And by wings, I mean an iTunes season pass.

-Oh Jesus. Gwyneth Paltrow is set to release a luxe line of hip-hop inspired clutches with a $1,695 price tag. She’s just trolling us at this point, right?

-Salon’s review of Review perfectly nails why the show is simultaneously hilarious and really hard to watch.

Antonio Banderas is bringing the story of the Chilean miners to the big screen with The 33. Watch the trailer.

Gillian Anderson tweeting photos with Robbie Amell is bending my brain. Worlds colliding!

-There are some really interesting tidbits in Out Magazine’s oral history of Brokeback Mountain, like how Anne Hathaway lied about being able to ride a horse and how everyone realized that Heath Ledger had fallen in love with Michelle Williams when he insisted on taking her to the hospital after she fell during the toboggan scene.

-Speaking of Michelle, she’s reportedly dating author Jonathan Safran Foer.

-Um, what now? The Pope is forcing the New York Film Festival to postpone The Walk’s premiere.

Jimmy Kimmel got super emotional during a three-minute monologue about the death of Cecil the lion, the African big cat that was killed by U.S. hunter.

-I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but there are certain people I just can’t watch on screen anymore because of their offscreen antics: Terrence Howard, Sean Penn and Chris Brown. Howard’s ex-wife saying he beat her “to within an inch of her life” isn’t changing my mind.

-Colour me intrigued: Queen Latifah and Mary J. Blige just joined NBC’s The Wiz Live.

Colin Farrell talks candidly about his film failures, saying “I can’t believe in the lie that’s being presented to me anymore that I’m a movie star and that everything is great.” If anything good comes from this mess of a True Detective season, I hope it’s that casting directors start considering him again.

-This sentence is chocked full of good words: Tig Notaro is teaming up with Diablo Cody on a semi-autobiographical Amazon pilot.

Kim Kardashian‘s latest bizarre ad campaign sees her channeling Audrey Hepburn and Marie Antoinette. How did this pass the Kanye test?

-Glad to see the Kimmy Schmidt cast is having fun at the TCA tour. Here’s Tina Fey, Tituss Burgess and Jane Krakowski dubsmashing to Beyonce.

-Wait, so now I’m supposed to worry about my knees? Screw you, Hollywood.

Dr. Dre will maybe release a new album this weekend — his first in 16 years.

-It’s possible that my CW love is blinding me, but a gritty, dystopian, post-modern adaptation of Little Women sounds like something I’d watch the crap out of. I mean, I’m sure they’re going to do ridiculous things with it, but that story makes a good base.

-NPR’s Code Switch has an incredible article on Wyatt Cenac, Key & Peele and being the only POC in the room.

-Meanwhile, Keegan-Michael Key revealed that this will be the last season of Key and Peele. They proved last night that they’re still killing it.

Rachel McAdams and Mark Ruffalo play Boston Globe reporters investigating the Catholic church in the first trailer for Spotlight, which is coming to TIFF. Looks incredible!