Game of Thrones Trailer Pits Tyrion Against Dragons

-I had given up on Game of Thrones, but now that Andy Greenwald and Chris Ryan are doing the aftershow I guess I’m back in? Dammit show, why can’t I quit you?! At least the new trailer looks intriguing.

Scarlett Johansson implied she and Ryan Reynolds were too competitive to be compatible. That seems like a diplomatic way of calling him a jerk. Well done.

Hugh Dancy just joined the cast of Fifty Shades Darker. The fact that they keep adding to this movie — which is actively shooting — is fascinating. What the hell is happening on that set?

-Way to COMPLETELY miss the point of Hamilton, New York Times!

John Oliver hilariously tackled credit reports last night.

-I gave up on Sleepy Hollow after season one, but I can’t believe what I read happened in Friday’s episode. No wonder Twitter was lit. Vulture and Black Girl Nerds both posted excellent, merciless breakdowns of how the writers destroyed their own show. Also, I guess we now know the answer to that TV blind item from a few weeks ago.

-Speaking of which, it was a brutal week for killing off major female TV characters.

Gary Oldman is shading Spotlight’s Oscar win, for some random reason.

-This oral history of the late, great sitcom Happy Endings is wonderful…with the exception of this Eliza Coupe quote: “My best friends are both my brothers, and I don’t really have any girlfriends. It’s not that I don’t get along with women, it’s that they bore me.” Like…what?

-I liked Jessica Chastain’s dress…but it was way not appropriate for the MTV Movie Awards. Where exactly did her publicist tell her she was going?

-The best part of Rebel Wilson and Adam Devine’s kiss at the MTV Awards is how presenter Stephen Amell is awkwardly standing off to the side.

-I actually liked the new Suicide Squad trailer they showed at the MTV Awards last night. Clearly, BvS has taught me nothing.

-The new Captain America clip they showed at the MTV Awards is very action-y.

-The first press screenings for Captain America: Civil War happened this weekend, and the tweets about it were overwhelmingly glowing.

-The trailer for Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them looks pretty damn spectacular.

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