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April 27, 2016

The Office’s Jim and Pam Reunite

-No, I’m not crying over this John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer reunion. You are!!

-It’s secret wedding day! Joel Kinnaman reveals he secretly wed his girlfriend Cleo Wattenstrom, while Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele say they eloped a while ago.

-Netflix just ordered another season of Wet Hot American Summer, which was met with a collective shrug emoji. I didn’t even finished the last season; I just watched a YouTube supercut of Josh Charles wearing multiple polo shirts and popping his collar, and I was all set.

Jonathan the Hairdresser is back with Game Of Thrones recaps, which I enjoy more than the show itself.

-This Hamilton/Sweeney Todd mashup that the Hamilton cast did feels like it was made out of my head.

-A Sense 8 actor was booted from Season 2 after clashing with Wachowskis. It’s probably not a good sign that his costars are celebrating over the re-casting.

-Miley. Gurl. That’s not Jupiter.

-Watch Chris Hemsworth talk about Civil War while performing totally casual physical feats.

Russell Crowe calls out Ryan Gosling and the “Hey Girl” meme in their latest couples therapy session for The Nice Guys.

-This is a great piece on how the official post-baby appearance became a celebrity requirement.

-Jesus. Jessica Alba‘s Honest Company is now responding to allegations about their organic baby food, saying “We are confident this lawsuit will be dismissed.”

Julia Louis-Dreyfus wants you to know that Veep isn’t a parody.

Melissa McCarthy says she got sentimental about returning to the Gilmore Girls set.

-I have two friends coming from out of town specifically so we call all watch the Absolutely Fabulous movie together. This trailer reassures me that we won’t be disappointed.