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May 16, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence Squashes Her “Beef” with Jimmy Fallon

Jennifer Lawrence was adorable on Fallon last night, calling him out for leaving her hanging with Jennifer Lopez before playing “Box of Lies.”

-This is nuts: an unidentified man was dragged away by security after crashing the Cannes red carpet and hiding under actress America Ferrera’s dress. I love how Cate Blanchett jumped into protector/comforter mode, while Kit Harrington just stood there.

-I love Blake Lively’s hair in Cannes. At least something’s going well there. Her hubby’s attempt to mount a comeback certainly isn’t.

Anna Kendrick says she took Aubrey Plaza with her to be “bad cop” when she bought a car.

Prince Harry sent his very first tweet ever. Surprisingly, it wasn’t to weigh in on Jay Z and Solange‘s elevator fight.

Helena Bonham Carter says she once drunkenly asked Prince William to be her child’s godfather. “He wisely said no.”

Tom Hardy is going to star in Kathryn Bigelow’s adaptation of True American. I’m anticipating a lot of drinking while yelling out the names of presidents.

-I don’t watch Grey’s Anatomy anymore, but the general consensus is that Sandra Oh deserved a better sendoff.

-Scandal’s Columbus Short pleaded not guilty to the felony charge from his alleged restaurant brawl. What a charmer.

-The guy from Chuck and Sesame Street want you to get off Facebook and go outside.

-Is Ashley Benson even old enough to remember Baywatch?!

Kanye West says Kim Kardashian is his muse: “I consult her on elegance and what I wear.”

-Meanwhile, despite all those rumours about Paris and Versailles, Kimye are actually getting married in Florence.

-I’m glad AMC picked up Chris Hardwick‘s celebrity bowling show. The YouTube videos with the casts of Mad Men and Breaking Bad are hilarious.

Barbara Walters‘ last day on The View featured surprise visits from Hillary Clinton and Oprah.

-The first cast photo for This Is Where I Leave You makes me want to re-read the book immediately

-Even though they made him a star, Viggo Mortenson is quick to criticize the “senseless” scripts for End of Violence and The Lord of the Rings.

Jon Hamm and Naomi Watts posed in dramatic photos for Bulgari’s Save the Children campaign.

-Speaking of Hamm, I really liked Million Dollar Arm. It’s schmaltzy and predictable but sweet. Critics are more into Godzilla this weekend, though.

Johnny Depp as a balding man with blond hair is terrifying (more so that usual).

-Matthew McConaughey takes The McConaissance to space in the trailer for Christopher Nolan’s shrouded-in-secrecy new movie, Interstellar.


CW Promises a Flash-y Fall Season, Arrow Delivers Finale Twist

-The CW was the last network to present their fall TV schedule.  I really like the trailer for the Arrow spinoff, The Flash. (“Lightening gave me abs?!”) Plus, Tom Cavanagh! And anything by Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas is definitely worth a look.

-Speaking of The CW, my DVR has suddenly decided to stop recording Arrow so I missed the big finale twist, but everyone’s freaking out about it. Sidenote: Are Felicity and Roy dating IRL? Her Instagram feed seems to suggest so.

-Speaking of cosy CW costars, Joseph Morgan is engaged to an actress he met on the set of The Vampire Diaries.

-Also, Paul Wesley and Nina Dobrev want main Vampire Diaries characters to start dying (even if that means theirs).

Solange posted photos of Beyoncé on Instagram yesterday but was she  throwing shade in the process?

-Meanwhile, the latest theory about the elevator fight was that Solange was mad about Jay Z’s flirtation with Rachel Roy.

-Also, TMZ reportedly shelled out $250K for the elevator footage. Bargain!

Beyonce, Jay Z and Solange released a joint statement about how they’re all one big happy family and we should all just ignore the footage, mmm-kay?

Drake and Rihanna have reportedly split again. :: sad trombone ::

-Also, Rihanna has been accused of cyber-bullying a teen for her prom outfit.

-A couple of new Maleficent clips have landed.

-In other Disney princess news, here’s the first teaser for the new live-action Cinderella.

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard had a hardcore makeout session in NYC, destroying any lingering love we may have felt for him.

Neil Patrick Harris says he turned down the Late Show, but he’s eyeing a variety show instead.

Tina Fey thinks Ellen will be the first Queen of Late Night TV.

James Franco pulled a Shia and plagiarized some art.

-All the old cohosts from The View reunited to send Barbara Walters off today. Did Jenny McCarthy really tell Meredith Vieira that she “grew up” watching her? Gross.

Sarah Silverman advises women to not “talk s–t” about themselves in her new advice column for Glamour.

Emily Blunt was adorable on Kimmel last night talking about the time she took Tom Cruise to a sex club for Matt Damon‘s birthday.

Julianne Moore’s Coin coif in Mockingjay is fierce!

Rob Lowe hates Air Canada Rouge as much as the rest of us.

-EW has a new clip from Godzilla.

-As if Helen Mirren wasn’t enough to hook you, the Hundred-Foot Journey trailer serves up a whole lot of food porn.