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May 14, 2014

Beyonce Responds to Solange/Jay Z Fight…Sorta

Beyonce Solange
Beyonce posted four photos of her sister on Instagram this morning. (Photo: instagram.com/beyonce)

Solange Knowles deleted almost all shots of Beyoncé from her Instagram, but Bey‘s taking a different approach. This morning she posted four images of her with her sister— as well as one of her at the MET Ball with Rihanna, whose party was allegedly the cause of the fight.

-Oh, and Beyoncé may have had her wedding tattoo removed. WHAT DOES IT ALL MEAN?!?

-Meanwhile, TMZ has a story about Solange and Jay Z shopping for jewelry together at Mr. Flawless yesterday. They’re sticking to it, even though Mr. Flawless himself told Wendy Williams they weren’t in his shop.

-Whatever was the cause of the elevator fight, Wendy Williams is determined to get to the bottom of it! She has a pretty compelling theory that seems to combine Jay‘s history with Rachel Roy with a bunch of blind items.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are letting their kids plan their wedding, which means it’s going to be either Disney or paintball-themed.

-The rumours continue to swirl that Brad Pitt might star in True Detective Season 2. He and Angelina keep talking about working together again. Could you imagine if they both signed on?! I would seriously need to stock up on smelling salts…

Justin Bieber is being investigated by the Los Angeles police for attempted robbery after allegedly snatching a cellphone on a mini golf course. Sigh.

-Where there’s Miranda Kerr, there’s drama. Her new boyfriend had a knock-down, drag-out fight with his best friend in the middle of the street.

-What feud? Ryan Murphy insists Naya Rivera and Lea Michele are both returning to Glee next season. Of course, who even knows what’s happening next season after last night’s dramatically low ratings. Even The Originals beat it!

-I’m so glad Rachel Bilson is wearing shorts on her Health cover. It’s her thing.

Miley Cyrus claims that her recent onstage rant  (“I’m gonna tell those motherf–kers that broke my heart, particularly one, to suck my fat d–k and to enjoy hearing this song for the rest of your life”) had nothing to do with Liam Hemsworth.

-Hallelujah! Two and a Half Men will be put out of its misery after next season.

Lily Allen says she turned down a role on Game of Thrones because she didn’t want to have any awkward scenes with her brother, who plays Theon.

-Meanwhile, this alternate ending to Tyrion‘s big courtroom speech is priceless.

Kristen Stewart is a music video director now.

-CBS announced their fall schedule and surprised everyone by passing on How I Met Your Dad.  CBS boss Nina Tassler told reporters there were “elements of the pilot … that didn’t work out” and she asked the creators to retool it, but they refused. Considering all the flack they got from the HIMYM finale, you’d think those guys would be open to some constructive criticism.

-Speaking of the fall TV season, here are the trailers for the new shows coming from TBS/TNT and ABC. Selfie looks particularly terribleJohn Cho and Karen Gillan both deserve so much better. And ABC continues to come up with the worst names for shows ever. Shonda Rhimes’ latest series starring Viola Davis looks like a winner, though.

Nicole Kidman‘s Grace of Monaco debuted at Cannes to scathing reviews.

-I feel like we’ve seen the Gucci gown Blake Lively wore at Cannes many times before.

-And now there’s going to be a James Franco documentary because of course.

Olivia Munn is reportedly dating NFL hunk Aaron Rodgers after splitting from Joel Kinnaman. I don’t even know who that is but I’m assuming it’s a downgrade because HOLDER!

-Meanwhile, here’s the Deliver Us From Evil trailer with Olivia Munn and Eric Bana.

-This is so sad: the director of Searching for SugarMan is dead at 36, possibly by suicide. That was my favourite documentary last year.

Prince William hosted a star-studded event last night. I’m obsessed with Emma Watson‘s lip colour!

-This roundtable with the cast and crew of The West Wing is awesome, especially when they start bitching about the long days. Says Bradley Whitford: “The hours on that show were so bad. I mean, just horrible. I remember… saying, ‘The invisible carnage of the unf**ked wives and the children not being read to is just wafting out.’ ”

Andy Samberg’s SNL promos are predictably goofy.

Chris Martin‘s rep is shooting down rumours that he’s dating Alexa Chung. And reps never, ever lie.

Tom Cruise is reportedly stepping up his pursuit of Jessica Chastain for Mission: Impossible 5.

-Meanwhile, the new Edge of Tomorrow trailer repeatedly kills Tom Cruise. Someone clearly knows what the people want!