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May 12, 2014

Solange and Jay Z Fight In Elevator As Beyonce Looks On

Beyonce Solange elevator
Beyonce posted this photo with Solange, Luptia Nyong’o and Sarah Paulson at the MET Gala, which is the night the alleged fight took place. (instagram.com/beyonce)

-The Jay Z/Solange elevator fight video is burning up the interwebs right now. If you haven’t watched TMZ’s extended version, it’s worth it. Clearly, the security guard pressed the emergency stop button until he could get things under control (either that, or they’re on the longest elevator ride ever.) The prevailing theory is that Solange was either super drunk the night of the MET Gala (though the way she got her shit together as soon as she exited the elevator makes me wonder), or that she was defending Beyonce over something Jay did (which lends credence to some blind items and rumours). The most surprising thing is how Bey appears super stoic during the whole thing — and then turns on the smiles for the paparazzi immediately after. For someone who’s always controlled her image so fiercely, today must suck for her.

-Whatever happened, Solange reportedly deleted all of her pics of Beyonce from her Instagram.

-Speaking of blind items, Jennifer Esposito nearly confirmed some rumours about Bradley Cooper.

George Clooney and Amal Alamuddin had a star-studded engagement party in Malibu that included a serenade by Bono. So basically, they continue to win at life.

-Meanwhile, Stacy Keibler wants to remind you that she’s alive with a “hey! hey! look over here!” post.

-There’s lots of news coming out of the network upfronts this week. NBC confirmed that they’re bringing back Parenthood and Parks and Rec for shortened, final seasons. They also released trailers for some of their new shows. Marry Me (which feels like a sequel to Happy Endings) and Constantine may have promise. Katherine Heigl‘s State of Affairs looks predictably awful.

-Fox also announced some big moves, including pairing Gotham with Sleepy Hollow, reducing Glee’s final season, and promising that Graceland will have a different ending than Broadchurch.

-Speaking of Broadchurch, David Tennant might be the first guy to jump from an original series to the American remake and back.

Jane Krakowski is getting back in bed with Tina Fey.

Dan Harmon currently feels “eh” on whether Community should come back somewhere else. Netflix has already bowed out.

Scarlett Johansson and her fiancé attended an English wedding — and she didn’t bother to wear a fascinator. #missedopportunity.

Eminem‘s Mother’s Day message to his estranged mom was all kinds of sweet.

-I like this article about all the politics involved with appearing on the Cannes red carpet.

Jon Hamm hammed it up while taking selfies with his Don Draper wax figure.

Jennifer Lawrence almost fell down (again!) while walking the red carpet in a truly terrible dress. (Seriously, is that thing velvet?!)

-Meanwhile, Jennifer says boyfriend Nicholas Hoult is a great roommate.

-Whatever you do, don’t put Anna Wintour and Tim Gunn in a room together.

-Breathe easy, everyone. Chris Brown was sentenced to another 131 days in jail.

-How are they still adding cast members to the 50 Shades movie, which is well into production? Aaron Taylor-Johnson just joined the cast, which seems like a terrible career move.

Justin Timberlake appeared on last night’s episode of Oprah’s Master Class, where he dropped such bon mots as “When you look at me, you should understand that I am America.”

-Speaking of douche-tastic sound bites, Shia LaBeouf said: “At this point, I have enough money to live 25 lifetimes,” before telling a totally made up story about Jaden Smith. Go home, Shia. You’re drunk.

-THR has started posting Emmy roundtables. First up: showrunners Matthew Weiner, Vince Gilligan and Aaron Sorkin.

-Nice get: Octavia Spencer is joining the cast of Insurgent, the  sequel to Divergent.

Sherri Shepherd and her estranged husband are expecting a baby via surrogate … and he wants the kid.

-I’m guessing Beyonce was wishing we were still all talking about her weekend photo bomb right now.

Lea Michele posted a heartbreaking pic of Cory Monteith in honour of his birthday.

-I kind of wish Melissa McCarthy could break free from these types of roles, especially since her hubby wrote this movie.