Robert Pattinson Moves Out, “Beyond Devastated”

Robert Pattison in "Remember Me" (handout)
Robert Pattison in “Remember Me” (handout)

Robert Pattinson has packed his bags and moved out of the house he shares with Kristen Stewart. (She’s also reportedly left and was photographed looking bummed.) Sources say he’s “beyond devastated” and not sure if he should forgive her. Whatever he decides, I really hope he bounces back soon. The last thing he needs is a “sad” scent that clings to him like eau d’Aniston.

-On the plus side, he just landed a new movie role. So there’s that.

-Meanwhile, Us Weekly helpfully points out that KStew was wearing RPattz’s hat when the incriminating photos were taken.

-Another day, another car accident for Lindsay Lohan.

Russell Brand will avoid jail time for smashing a pap’s phone after cutting a deal.

Vanessa Minnillo‘s baby bump is huge!

-There’s more disturbing rumblings about Chris Brown and Rihanna hooking up in Saint-Tropez.

-Expect some even sadder sad ballads coming from Taylor Swift; her parents broke up.

-Canadian model Coco Rocha is joining forces with Naomi Campbell and Karolina Kurkova to coach on a new show called The Face.

Ethan Embry (or, as I like to call him, “you know, that guy…who was in that thing”) and his wife are dunzo.

-Today in real estate porn: Reese Witherspoon offers a peek inside her house.

-Real estate porn, part II: Mel Gibson‘s former estate is on the market for a whopping $33 million.

-Here’s a photo of George Clooney on a motorcycle. You’re welcome.

Mad Men creator Matt Weiner is laughing off reports that Elizabeth Moss isn’t coming back.

Dax Sheppard wins the Internet with this quote about Justin Bieber moving in next door: “The music and the parties and the paparazzi, I mean, it’s like living in Lebanon now.”

Grey’s Anatomy is about to get a bit less (Mc)sexy.

-This photo of Amy Poehler and Paul Rudd shooting a wedding scene just ensured I’m going to see this movie.

-The first trailer for Cloud Atlas (which stars Tom Hanks and Halle Berry and is coming to TIFF) has landed. As Gawker puts it, “oh god Tom Hanks what are you doing?”

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