So Katy Perry, Robert Pattinson and Justin Bieber Walk Into a Bar…

Poster of Katy Perry: Part of Me (Paramount Pictures)
Poster of Katy Perry: Part of Me (Paramount Pictures)

-Random: Robert Pattinson, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez all partied at the Marmont Tuesday night before all piling into Bieber‘s minivan(!) and travelling together to David Arquette‘s club opening. That sentence is beyond brain blending…

-Congrats to Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer, who are having twins. But was it their True Blood costar who spilled the beans?

-Talk about a rude awakening! Rihanna was evacutaed from her London hotel at 6 a.m. due to an elevator fire.

-Celebrity photographer/professional creepy dude Terry Richardson just posted a slew of new portraits of Lindsay Lohan wearing very little, but at least had the good sense to pull down the ones of her posing with a gun.

-I’ve got nothing against having a drink (or four) when flying, but it sounds like Kelly Osbourne might have taken it a bit too far recently.

-Despite reports, it really looks like Charlie Sheen‘s rep is telling the truth when he says the actor didn’t trash his hotel room last weekend.

-No surprise here: Jennifer Aniston‘s friends are denying those engagement rumours.

-Meanwhile, who knew Justin Theroux had all this goin’ on under his shirt? Yowza!

Jessica Simpson tweeted a photo of daughter Maxwell yesterday, and it’s pretty damn adorable.

-God bless Channing Tatum, who was somehow convinced to participate in a flash mob dance to “It’s Raining Men” for the Today Show.

-Meanwhile, I’m going to see Magic Mike tonight. It’d be totally wrong to bring a stack of singles to throw at the screen, right? I wanna make it rain!

-Speaking of preview screenings, I saw The Amazing Spider-Man last night. I liked Andrew Garfield just fine in The Social Network and Never Let Me Go, but lemme tell you, halfway through this film, you can actually feel yourself falling for this guy. He’s vulnerable yet tough (even before the spider bite), and oh so awkward. There’s a scene between him and Emma Stone where they’re adorably, clumsily planning a date, and I think the whole theatre was cringing/watching it through their fingers. Expect a lot of dumb plays on the word ‘amazing’ in the reviews, but it really did win me over. Meanwhile, here’s some goofy pics of Andrew playing basketball in NYC, and here is video of him and Emma answering fan questions.

Ke$ha continues to live up to our very, very low expectations by getting the words “Suck It” tattooed on her inner lip.

-Here are some more photos of Angelina Jolie on the set of Maleficent.

Matthew Fox looks totally cray in the new Alex Cross trailer.

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