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Brie Larson Is Ready To Save Us as Captain Marvel

Brie Larson Captain Marvel EW

-Everyone was sort of expecting a Captain Marvel trailer to drop today, but instead we got this EW cover and a bunch of new photos of Brie Larson in character. We’ll take it! (I dig the costume.)

-Meanwhile, Brie Larson and Alison Brie are apparently workout buddies. Do you think they call themselves Brie Squared? The Double Bries?

-Doctor Who’s Jodie Whittaker is stunning in Givenchy on the cover of Marie Claire UK.

-In other cover news, Felicity Jones channels 80’s businesswomen on the new cover of Vanity Fair.

Kanye West took to Twitter today to apologize to Drake, saying “Let me start by apologizing for stepping on your release date in the first place,” before shutting down conspiracy theories that claimed West fed Pusha T gossip about Drake’s son for Pusha’s diss track “The Story of Adidon,” saying “I don’t play with the idea of people’s children after I spoke to Wiz [Khalifa] a few years earlier.”

-You’ve probably seen Lucas Hedges by now (he was in Lady Bird, Manchester By the Sea, and Three Billboards), but he’s about to make it huge this fall with three splashy movie roles and his Broadway debut. In a new interview with Vulture, he talks about his self-doubt (“Mostly I felt like every movie I did, I was the worst part of it”), and his sexuality (“Not totally straight, but also not gay and not necessarily bisexual”).

Gwyneth Paltrow‘s GOOP settled its false advertising suit. The lifestyle brand agreed to a $145,000 fine and a five-year injunction for telling women to stick jade eggs up their hoo-has.

-I kind of love that Meghan Markle is wearing pants to appearances, despite what the Queen may think.

-I’m really digging the first full track from Thom Yorke‘s Suspiria score. (My office was listening to KEXP this morning when they aired it, and everyone stopped what they were doing and asked “Is this new Radiohead?!?!”, so that’s a good sign.)

Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon are relationship goals.

-I’m too washed to care about all the drama going down on Noah Cyrus and Lil Zan‘s Instagram accounts — but it’s a lot.

-Covert Affairs/Coyote Ugly star Piper Perabo was arrested yesterday for protesting Kavanaugh’s court confirmation.

-The L.A. District Attorney has declined to pursue sex crime cases against Kevin Spacey, Anthony Anderson and Steven Seagal.

-This is an interesting look at how Twitter is helping with people’s careers amid peak TV’s push to diversify writers rooms.

-The are they/aren’t they surrounding Zendaya and Tom Holland is making my head hurt.

-The new season of House of Cards isn’t playing. They’ve already killed off Frank Underwood, according to the new trailer.

-There is a lot going on in the first trailer for American Horror Story: Apocalypse. (Mostly, I’m just hoping Mary Cherry survives the plane crash.)

Elle Responds to FKA Twigs Cover Backlash


-Frankly, when I first saw this cover I was trying to figure out why they put FKA Twigs in that messy outfit instead of looking at the headlines surrounding her, but yeah, that Becky with the Good Hair joke is not great. Elle even published an article on their site from Melissa Harris-Perry about why it alarmed her.

-In an Instagram post, Lady Gaga says she and Taylor Kinney are soulmates who are just taking a break, and asked her fans to “please root us on.”

Idris Elba dancing and singing in funny voices is making my insides goopy.

-I was interviewed by the Toronto Star and I praised Kim Kardashian. In print. Publicly. I don’t even know who I am anymore…

Mila Kunis says she and Ashton Kutcher tried to just be f*** buddies but, like their crappy rom-coms suggest, that never works. “If we just paid attention to these movies [No Strings Attached and Friends with Benefits], we should know that s—t like this does not work out in real life.”

Laura Benanti‘s impression of Melania Trump on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert was pretty damn perfect.

Kevin Bacon on Comedy Bang Bang made me laugh a lot. (“In Kevintown, the main industry is fun!”)

-I really liked WB-TV’s use of Snapchat to preview some of their stars that will be at this weekend’s Comic Con.

-Speaking of Comic Con, Simon Pegg reveals all the disguises he’s used in the past to walk the floor.

-Did the Beyhive figure out some sort of advanced compression algorithm for superlong GIFs? Is there anything that fandom can’t do?!

-I just spent way too much time in this comment thread, reading about people’s celebrity encounters. The one about Tom Cruise serving kids cupcakes is great, as is the one with Topher Grace asking a girl if they once banged.

Amandla Stenberg just joined the adaptation of Everything Everything — a book I loved. I really like this casting news!

-Speaking of great casting news, Hamilton’s Daveed Diggs just landed a role on Blackish.

Miranda Kerr is engaged to Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel. Which she announced using Snapchat’s new bitmoji. Synergy, y’all!

-Twitter finally banned that conservative blogger who led the online abuse of Leslie Jones.

-Screw this article about how what happened to Jones is a symptom of fan entitlement. It was racism and sexism, full stop.

-This is unexpected. D&D is making a comeback (with celebrities at least). Vin Diesel, Dwayne Johnson, Drew Barrymore, Stephen Colbert, Mike Myers, Jon Favreau, and Aubrey Plaza all say they play it.

-Unreal’s producers are defending this week’s twist. I’m not buying it. This season is definitely wobbly — possibly because of behind-the-scenes drama.

-This is an interesting article from Vulture on how women’s pictures found a new home on TV, but it feels like they’re turning a blind eye to soaps.

Kirsten Dunst is going to direct an adaptation of The Bell Jar, starring Dakota Fanning? Yes, please!

-Interesting: The Cut takes us inside Raya, the secret dating app for famous people.

-I need someone to explain Maria Bello’s pants to me. Do it like I’m a four-year-old (which is the age these must be designed for).

-Why would Jennifer Hudson do this?! She was just on Broadway, for crissakes!

-The only thing Democrats and Republicans agree on? The CW is a damn fine network.

Ben Foster and Chris Pine are bank robbers in the Hell or High Water trailer.


Ben Affleck’s Nanny Continues to Make Trouble

christine ouzounian ben affleck

-Just when you thought Ben Affleck couldn’t have screwed up any harder, the hits just keep on coming. The nanny Instagrammed a paparazzi photo of herself with the caption, ‘She’s just a girl and she’s on fire.’ Also, remember the story about Ben and her leaving a family vacation in the Bahamas to spend a romantic weekend in Las Vegas, and Jen found out about it and announced the split days later? Here’s a photo of the nanny on a private jet on the way there.  Tom Brady was there, too.  (Though I’m not buying any theory that Tom and/or Gisele outed the affair to Jen. If there’s anyone Ben should feel comfortable being with his side piece around, it’s TB.)

-Oh, now a “source” insists the nanny was in Vegas on business. Maybe one of those typical nanny conferences?

Howard Stern spilled a lot of deets about Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux‘s wedding, including his complaints about the tiny chairs and cellphone ban and his new crush on fellow guest Orlando Bloom.

-Vanity Fair’s September cover story examines how Taylor Swift became the most influential 25-year-old in America. Mad Instagram skills?

Kevin Bacon is surprisingly successful at ‘Who’s Your Costar’ on The Late Late Show. The best part was admitting that he regularly uses Google’s “bacon number” search feature to see how he’s connected to new people he’s working with.

Leonardo DiCaprio won a lawsuit against the French magazine Oops for a report that Rihanna is having his baby.

-In a new class-action lawsuit, 40 interns are suing the Olsen twins for alleged wage theft. The lead plaintiff complained that she worked 50-hour weeks on tasks like “inputting data into spreadsheets, making tech sheets, running personal errands for paid employees, organizing materials, photocopying, sewing, pattern cutting, among other related duties.” Um, she just described every unpaid internship I ever did.

Seth Meyers has ditched the usual monologue and will now start Late Night behind a desk doing a Weekend Update-y thing.

-The Affair panel was a TCA today. I gave up on that show last year, but I love how Joshua Jackson charmed every single critic in the room this afternoon, according to their tweets.

Winona Ryder just confirmed a Beetlejuice sequel is happening. Wut?

-Despite it flopping harder than Kim Kardashian at a Mensa convention, Fox is reportedly eyeing a Fantastic Four followup.

Hugh Jackman has discovered Dub Smash. My day is ruined.

-I’ve never been a wrestling fan (because, you know, logic), but damn this gif of Stephen Amell at WWE is hawt! After his brief (but more importantly, hawt!) bout last night, he’s now been invited to fight on SummerSlam. The CW is probably having panic attacks over this, but if they had any sense they’d milk it for all the publicity they can get — and maybe even get his costars to show up in his corner. The amount of press this thing is getting is staggering. Plus, his fandom is crazy (as proven by their reaction to yesterday’s casting news about Oliver’s new love interest, which left everyone flipping tables until the producers were forced to clarify that she’ll only be in flashbacks).

-At the CW’s TCA panel, they announced that the lead character from NBC’s Constantine (which was cancelled) will be reprised on Arrow. Has that every happened before?

-The CW was probably going to announce that Britney Spears will guest on Jane the Virgin at their panel today, but Brit-Brit beat them to the punch by tweeting it first. In any case, she’ll play Rogelio’s nemesis and I’m so here for that.

-Also leaking before the CW panel, they’re planning a series based on The Notebook which sounds…like a terrible idea. Hasn’t Rachel McAdams suffered enough lately?

-In other Rachel McAdams-ish news, if True Detective’s utter failure has people turning to Slings and Arrows for their McAdams fix instead, than something good will have come from this mess.

-Also, there’s one thing about True Detective that didn’t suck: Ray‘s dad predicted his fate in that trippy dream sequence a few episodes back.

-Plus, did Nic Pizzolatto basically plagiarize himself in True Detective S2? Charming.

-Alison Brie and Jason Sudeikis are friends without benefits in the new Sleeping with Other People red band trailer.