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March 22, 2018

The X Files May Continue without Gillian Anderson

Photo: Fox

-Of course Chris Carter plans to do more X Files without Gillian Anderson. Of course he does. JFC.

-Love is dead. Jenny Slate and Chris Evans have broken up again, according to his new NYT profile.

Matt Damon joked about Ben Affleck‘s ridiculous (and totally real) back tat: “I support him in all of his artistic expression.”

Jennifer Garner channeled her inner band geek to wish Reese Witherspoon a happy birthday, and it was pretty impressive.

-I love that Hollywood is casting Tessa Thompson in everything these days. She just signed on to join Chris Hemsworth in the Men in Black sequel, which is pretty much the only thing that would convince me to watch a Men in Black sequel.

-Oh dear lawd. Cate Blanchett said that social media is “not the judge and jury” when it comes to Woody Allen.  We just want to enjoy Ocean’s 8 in peace, Cate.

-Well, at least Cate is urging for help in preparing Rohingya refugees for oncoming monsoon rains.

-The Weinstein Co. has lifted their NDAs, which means we might be hearing a lot more stories soon.

Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys were totally flirty and adorable on Colbert. I heart them.

-Yikes, this is not a good look for SNL’s Michael Che.

Taylor Kitsch‘s Instagram caption game is second to none.

-This fan theory that Lea Michelle is illiterate is totally ridiculous, yet I’ve seen it all over Twitter today.

-How awesome is it that Lena Waithe just landed a Vanity Fair cover?!

-Bill Hader’s new HBO show Barry, which debuts Sunday, is getting pretty good reviews.

-I really liked this article from a movie critic who slammed I Kill Giants on Twitter as soon as he saw it, and the first response was from the director himself. A good lesson about well-argued criticism vs a “hit-and-run pan on social media.” (Personally, I adored that film at TIFF and can’t wait until it’s released.)

-This is an interesting look at how the Marvelous Mrs. Maisel’s cinematographers hide the present when making a period piece.

-Despite rumours of reshoots, Deadpool 2 screenings reportedly got near-perfect ratings, scoring even higher than the original. Here’s the new trailer: