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June 29, 2016

49 Stars Come Together to ‘Stop the Hate’

Ryan Murphy and HRC brought together 49 celebrities to honour the 49 Orlando shooting victims in this really powerful video.

Kristen Bell is opening up about dealing with Dax Shepard’s addictions.

Drew Barrymore might become a syndicated talk show host. I’m surprising myself by how much I don’t hate that idea. I must be drunk.

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston couldn’t stop posing touching each other on their Roman holiday.

-Not going to lie, I’ve been letting Animal Kingdom pile up on my DVR. But I’m consuming all delightful Scott Speedman interviews immediately .

Rihanna and Drake: still doin’ it.

John Mayer announced on national TV that he wants to date, saying he’s “more mature than I’ve ever been” and is “excited for a meet-cute.” Those two things don’t seem to go together.

Jessica Williams is leaving The Daily Show, which seems like a good move for her.

Brie Larson would like to introduce you to her pimple.

-I love that Carly Pope is suddenly back in demand now. I still mourn the cancellation of Popular.

-Neilson is attempting to make sense of secretive streaming numbers, and according to them, 6.7M people watched season premiere of”Orange is the Black its first three days.

Idris Elba in a jumpsuit alert! You’re welcome.

-Now that I’m totally spoiled by the effed up ending of The Neon Demon, I kind of want to see that movie. (Don’t click if you don’t want to know. Or if you ever want to sleep again.)

-I saw the movie based on HBO’s Looking last night and loved it! I’m going to miss the crap out of that lil’ show.

Hugh Jackman is doing rope pulls and my triceps hurt just looking at this.

-Will any celebrity depicted in Kayne West‘s “Famous” video dare to sue him? Probs not.

-TV is getting darker than ever. Not just in tone, but literally darker.

-It costs $200k a year to maintain your face in Hollywood with the latest beauty treatments? Hard pass.

-HBO just released this handy infographic to help you figure out who’s all related on Game of Thrones — and totally confirmed Jon Snow‘s parentage.

Anna Kendrick and Justin Timberlake try to find their happy place in the new Trolls trailer.

Jamie Dornan, Aaron Paul and Sarah Gadon creep us out in the new The 9th Life of Louis Drax trailer.