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June 27, 2016

Beyonce and Jesse Williams Light Up BET Awards

-I was switching between the BET Awards and the Game of Thrones finale last night, but luckily I happened to catch the two moments from the ceremony that everyone is talking about: Beyonce’s insane opening number with Kendrick Lamar (which was not announced in advance — probably because BET was burned the last time they hyped her appearance and she ended up only showing up via Skype), and Jesse Williams’ amazing speech. (The fact that one of the first thing he acknowledges is the contributions of black women — when has that ever happened before?!) His Tumblr is also great, as is this Twitter story of him previously stepping up without wanting any acknowledgement or publicity.

-Meanwhile, Justin Timberlake hit up Twitter after Jesse‘s speech with some weird tweets that veered dangerously close to #AllLivesMatter territory, so Twitter hits back.

-In Game of Thrones news, here are all the times before last night’s finale when the show tried to tell us who Jon Snow’s parents are.

Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston are working overtime to land him Bond show off their love. They were photographed getting cozy at dinner, and then hanging out with his mom — twice!

-So Kanye West dropped an new video on Friday that features a bunch of “naked” celebrities — including Rihanna, Taylor Swift, Bill Cosby, Amber Rose, and Chris Brown. Legally, how is this a thing he can do?!

-In less controversial debuts, Rihanna premiered “Sledgehammer” this weekend.

Blake Lively‘s terrible chopping skills are giving me life.

-Meanwhile, Blake says “there’s a strong chance” there will be a third Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants movie. Huh.

-When Rory Gilmore met Michelle Obama

Diane Kruger gushes about Joshua Jackson in a new interview and now I’m even more confused about the status of their relationship!

Mindy Kaling has a list of very reasonable requirements for her spin instructors.

Matthew McConaughey says he had “a big crush” on Sarah Jessica Parker when he was younger. Sure, but do y’all remember when he called her “peculiar” on Oprah? #NeverForget

50 Cent was arrested in the Caribbean for swearing. Remind me to never go to the Caribbean.

Jenny Slate and Chris Evans attended the The Secret Life Of Pets premiere in NYC together and they look adorable! I mean, I wish he’d dressed up a little but the adorableness is still overshadowing it.

-Last night, John Oliver warned that Brexit vote is a warning call to US voters that “there are no f*cking do-overs” before tackling Olympic doping scandals.

Jesse Eisenberg scolded anti-gay protesters in London.

-Last week’s two new episodes of Comedy Bang Bang were filled with awesome guest stars, from Tegan and Sara doing a Hitchcock homage to Emily Bett Rickards starring in a She’s All That spoof.

Winona Ryder talked  about her relationship with Johnny Depp, saying he was “never abusive at all towards me” when they dated — 23 years ago.

-Meanwhile, Johnny continues to live life to the fullest ’cause why not.

Rami Malek feels a little weird about being your internet boyfriend — but he’s cool with it.

-Mad Men’s Matthew Weiner talks about directing the final episode of Orange Is the New Black’s latest season (don’t read if you’re not caught up!).

-Keanu director Peter Atencio was really unhappy how the film was marketed to kitten lovers. (But the kitten was seriously the best part!)

-Speaking of movies, Independence Day Resurgence is so bad that I walked out of it this weekend. Like, I bolted before the midway mark.

Kate Mara and Paul Giamatti get all Orphan Black-y in the Morgan trailer.