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December 8, 2015

Watch Channing Tatum Yell at at Kitten

-Last night, Jimmy Kimmel made Channing Tatum cuss out a kitten and Stephen Colbert made Victoria’s Secret models eat chicken wings. What a time to be alive!

Stephen Colbert also sang a duet with Steve Carell, while Claire Danes proved that she’s a Pictionary pro on Fallon.

Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP pop up shop was robbed of $170k worth of merchandise. Which is what, two artisan-made garlic peelers?

Jared Leto has apologized for bitching about Taylor Swift because he knows who run the world (girls).

-I’m so uncomfortable by John Stamos’ butt. Like, maybe the pose wouldn’t be so awkward if he wasn’t wearing the shirt and thrusting at the window? Probably not tho.

-I hate Jenna Dewan’s dress here. Marchesa strikes again!

-SWEET!! The Hollywood Reporter has the story behind that uber-awkward photo of Angelina Jolie and Amy Pascal following the Sony hack.

-On Ellen, Joshua Jackson talked about how Diane Kruger likes him “schlubby.” He’s been taking his shirt off a lot this season on The Affair (A LOT!) and I’m not complaining.

-Scott Weiland’s ex-wife wrote an emotional letter in Rolling Stone about how it’s time to stop making dead rock stars into martyrs.

-I hate everything about the news that Abigail Breslin will play Baby in a ABC movie remake of Dirty Dancing. EVERYTHING.

-Ant-Man just got the Honest Trailers treatment.

Rihanna just announced her NYFW show — we think.

-It’s worth scrolling through People’s Twitter feed for their #AskTinaandAmy thread. Amy Poehler’s reaction to a tattoo of Tina Fey is the best.

Rachel Dratch ran the “Escape from Scientology” obstacle course on Billy on the Street, and it was perfection.

-In case you need something to distract you from your family over the holidays, critics are saying that Transparent’s second season may be better than its first.

-And this is why I’m still not 100% on board with fan conventions: The Walking Dead’s Norman Reedus was just bitten by a fan at one.

The Rock continues to be the nicest bro in broland.

Mariah Carey wears a bathing suit in the bathtub in case her kids come in, which is the most Mariah Carey-y thing I’ve ever heard.

Prince’s cover of “Creep” from Coachella 2008 is back online after Radiohead reminded him that it’s their song so he can’t pull it. I was at this concert — still gives me chills.

JK Rowling wants people to stop comparing Donald Trump to Voldemort — and for good reason.

-I don’t understand why Selena Gomez was walking a red carpet with a cheeseburger, but I love that she made her poor assistant hold it.

-The best part of EW is Bullseye on the last page of each issue, so 100 Bullseyes makes me happy.

Adam Scott is still waiting to be invited into Taylor Swift’s squad.

Margaret Atwood is writing a superhero comic. Get on it, CW!

Keanu Reeves tries to find his partner’s killer in the trailer for Exposed. I like it when his hair is this short, like in Speed. It’s peak Keanu.