Angelina Jolie’s Wedding Dress Revealed

Angelina Jolie's wedding dress
Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress graces the covers of Hello! and People magazines.

-What else could we possibly lead with today besides Angelina Jolie’s wedding dress (which was designed by Donatella Versace)? I expected something a little less traditional from her, though incorporating doodles from the kids is very cute (though I might not have done it on the veil, too). Meanwhile, Brad Pitt honored Angelina Jolie’s late mother by having a dedication engraved into the chapel, and he hummed “Here Comes the Bride” when she walked down the aisle.

-The other big story that broke this weekend was the disgusting photo hack that resulted in tons of nude photos of celebs being leaked. The FBI is investigating it, while Apple has denied it happened because of an iCloud security breach. The world is rally around the victims (especially Jennifer Lawrence), and horny Redditors ended up donating thousands to cancer research in J-Law’s honour after seeing the photos (still gross, guys). Meanwhile, Emma Watson and Lena Dunham are condemning people who blame celebs for having nude photos on their phones, while Ricky Gervais has had to backtrack for his insensitive response.

-Speaking of insensitive, why the hell did Cee-Lo Green feel the need to tweet that “people who have been really raped remember” and a whole bunch of other grossness?! He’s already apologized for his controversial opinions about rape and consent. Luckily, the title of his most famous song is summing up everyone’s feelings about him right now.

Carrie Underwood announced her pregnancy by posting a photo of her dogs. People are already scrutinizing her barely there belly bump.

-I always find it hard to take actors seriously when then announce that they’re also DJs (even my beloved Idris Elba), so it’s a bit heartbreaking to learn The Fault in Our Stars’ Ansel Elgort is also a DJ named Ansolo.

-Speaking of Idris Elba, here are some photos of him jogging, just because I love you.

Mindy Kaling looks amazing on the new cover of Flare. I heart her so much!

Justin Bieber has been slapped with an assault charge after an ATV crash near Stratford, Ont on Friday.

-Another week, another killer segment from John Oliver. This one is on YouTube comments. As someone who was once told by a YT commenter that they hoped I’d “get ass cancer,” I relate to this one…

Britney Spears brought the awkward to her Vegas show on Sunday by announcing to the crowd, “Well, by now everyone knows my boyfriend cheated on me.”

-I may have squealed a little bit at work when watching this new kissy Arrow promo. I’m not proud.

Beyonce and Jay Z looked all kinds of cozy over the weekend.

Joan Rivers‘ family has confirmed that she’s on life support after suffering a cardiac arrest.

Marky Mark skipped Donnie Wahlberg and Jenny McCarthy’s weekend wedding.  Look at this Instagram video he and his family posted about it and tell me his wife gives any f**ks about missing it.

-Speaking of weekend weddings, Ashlee Simpson also got hitched.

George Clooney is apparently being very hands on with the wedding planning, which is the first time I’ve ever been unhappy with the words “George Clooney” and “hands” in the same sentence…

Jessica Chastain loves supporting other actresses, which is pretty boss.

Lea Michele continues to stretch the limits of Twitter’s proprietary rules.

Jennifer Lopez is very bootylicious in her new Elle UK photo spread.

-I didn’t even have to watch this clip of James Franco‘s latest directorial effort The Sound And The Fury to know this is a very bad idea.

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