Is Lea Michele Dating a Former Hooker?

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Lea Michele (who seems to be enjoying a lovely vacation in Hawaii) has a new boyfriend who may or may not have a gigolo past. Hey, nobody’s perfect.

-E! News really wants you to look at Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s package. DOOOOO IT!!!!!

-What is with all the book shaming lately? First it was Slate telling us that we should be embarrassed to read YA, and now a bunch of critics are railing against The Goldfinch. True, I didn’t love it as much as everyone else seems to, but we shouldn’t have to justify reading Pulitzer-winning fiction.

-Orange Is The New Black’s Matt McGorry fake-auditioned for Magic Mike 2, and it was great. I keep forgetting that all that is hiding under his guard uniform.

-SNL’s Vanessa Bayer gives Drake some very terrible career and dating advice in this new video.

-Here’s a very long but very fascinating read on the history of Entertainment Weekly and how it informs its current identity crisis. I love that mag, but seeing this cover arrive in my mailbox almost made me rethink my sub.

Channing Tatum continues to be awesome.

-Breaking Bad’s’ R.J. Mitte made a funny Father’s Day video for Bryan Cranston.

-Vegas Britney Spears might be the healthiest Britney Spears. It made me really sad when I saw her there, but my judgement may have been slightly impaired at the time…

-Is Kanye West still smarting over no-shows at his wedding? He dropped Jay Z’s name from his lyrics during a live show.

Dave Chappelle went on “Letterman” last night and talked about why Jay Z almost makes him regret leaving television.

Donald Glover and Danny Pudi have lots of thoughts about the perfect “Community” videogame

Ansel Elgort is pretty swoon-worthy in this Interview piece.

Mila Kunis is sick of men saying “we’re pregnant.”

-An extended look at Brad Pitt’s World War II drama ‘Fury’ debuted at the E3 Expo.


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