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December 18, 2012

Gossip Girl Turned Out To Be WHO?!?

Blair and Chuck got married on the series finale of Gossip Girl. (Giovanni Rufino – The CW)

-Last night’s Gossip Girl finale was fun — but only because I went to a finale viewing/mercy killing party, where we drank our weight in champagne, took ridiculous photos and liveblogged it. The show itself was beyond silly, of course. Are we really supposed to believe that you-know-who has been GG all this time — and that the writers knew it from episode one? (I love that there’s already a Tumblr dedicated to all the reasons why it doesn’t make sense.) At least this Kristen Bell cameo made it all kind of worth it.

-Speaking of last night’s TV events, The Voice actually managed to pull off a surprisingly touching tribute to Newtown.

-It looks like this Justin Bieber sitcom is actually going to happen. It’ll be based on his pre-fame years, so at least we won’t have to endure the Jelena drama.

Lindsay Lohan: still full of shit.

-The annual Kardashian family Christmas card is out, and this year’s edition is super disappointing. As per @Jezebel, “all this white makes me think that their next endeavour is to hawk menstrual products.”

Happy Endings star Adam Pally was on Conan last night and for some reason he wore this and told really bad jokes.

-Speaking of Happy Endings, here’s a supercut of the show’s witty wordplay.

-Whoa. Selma Blair has always been skinny, but this is nuts. She’s blaming her lack of makeup, but that doesn’t really explain the protruding clavicle.

This photo is supposed to be proof that Jennifer Aniston is pregnant? Kill me now.

-Yikes. That hacker who published nude photos of Scarlett Johansson was just sentenced to 10 years in prison.

-The publisher of Life & Style and In Touch Weekly has fired back at Tom Cruise’s lawsuit, saying the reports that he abandoned Suri following his divorce are “substantially true.”

-Meanwhile, Tom was a bit of a snorefest on last night’s Letterman.

-Here’s Jessica Simpson hiding her supposed baby bump in her new Weight Watchers campaign shoot.

-Like the rest of us, Kristen Stewart once had a crush on Devon Sawa.

Samuel L. Jackson and Anne Hathaway are having a sad-off in a new Funny or Die video.

-Get ready to feel old: Brad Pitt just turned 49.

-Meanwhile, Katie Holmes turned 34.

-If Pedro Almodovar‘s new movie I’m So Excited (which reportedly stars Antonio Banderas and Penélope Cruz) is half has campy as this teaser trailer, we’re in for a treat!