Blue Ivy Backs Up Beyonce

Blue Ivy joined mom Beyonce on stage as a backup dancer this weekend, and again today.

-Last night’s Succession finale was damn near perfect. I would have liked a 10-second glimpse into Shiv’s thought process, but I think it was a mix of this (with a bit more weight on the latter).

-The episode featurette is definitely worth a watch as well.

-HBO tried to kill us last night by also airing Barry’s series finale (which I somehow remain unspoiled by) and Somebody Somewhere’s season finale.

-The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel also aired its series finale this weekend, while Apple has yet to confirm or deny if Wednesday’s episode of Ted Lasso will be its last.

-No one is doing fan interactions better than Drew Barrymore.

-This year’s Actors on Actors lineup is so good. I’ve especially looking forward to Grey’s Anatomy’s reunion with Ellen Pompeo and Katherine Heigl.

-I’m very into this first look at Fellow TravelersMatt Bomer and Jonathan Bailey‘s upcoming romance.

Melissa McCarthy recently talked about a job with “such a volatile, hostile set that it made me physically ill.” Was it Mike & Molly?

-Yikes. Benedict Cumberbatch and his family were reportedly scared by a knife-wielding man who broke into their London property.

-The New Yorker picked the perfect time to do a profile on Matty Healey.

-Here’s the trailer for Full Circle, Steven Soderbergh‘s kidnapping conspiracy for HBO Max starring Zazie Beetz and Claire Danes.

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