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May 2, 2023

Rihanna Makes Us Wait

-There was a whole lotta Lagerfeld-inspired white at last night’s Met Gala, but some looks managed to break through. I adored Michaela Coel‘s stunning SchiaparelliQuannah Chasinghorse’s jewels by Indigenous designer Sota Scowi DesignsAnne Hathaway‘s Chanel tweed-referencing Versace, Florence Pugh‘s towering headpiece atop her shaved head, and Jenna Ortega‘s gothy Thome Browne. And to top it off, Rihanna‘s “Valentino, baby!” was worth the two hour wait.

-Also, Anna Wintour and Bill Nighy made their debut as a couple! Except his rep is denying they’re together? Huh.

-So it happened. The writers guild have gone on strike. It feels like they’re not asking for much? Stuff like regulation of AI when it comes to writing scripts, and livable wages (audiences might not be able to tell the difference between a TV show you watch on cable and one you watch on streaming, but writers on streamers take a drastic paycut). Here’s a good recap of why things are so bleak for writers.

-There are rumours that Netflix was the lone holdout.

-Writers on late night are the first to feel it. And don’t expect Pete Davidson‘s SNL episode to go this weekend.

-Here’s Ted Lasso’s Brett Goldstein, along with Shrinking writer Zack Bornstein, talking about the strike while on the picket line.

-It’s not just writers who are hurting in Hollywood. Adelaide Kane, the leading star The CW’s Reign, recently broke down where her seemingly big salary went.

Emma Watson opened up about why she stepped away from acting after Little Women, and her answer might explain why she was so conspicuously absent during that movie’s promo. “I wasn’t very happy, if I’m being honest, I think I felt a bit caged. The thing I found really hard was that I had to go out and sell something that I really didn’t have very much control over. To stand in front of a film and have every journalist be able to say, ‘How does this align with your viewpoint?’ It was very difficult to have to be the face and the spokesperson for things where I didn’t get to be involved in the process…I was held accountable in a way that I began to find really frustrating, because I didn’t have a voice, I didn’t have a say. And I started to realize that I only wanted to stand in front of things where if someone was going to give me flak about it, I could say, in a way that didn’t make me hate myself, ‘Yes, I screwed up, it was my decision, I should have done better.'”

Ed Sheeran has threatened to quit the music business if he loses the lawsuit accusing him of copying Marvin Gaye‘s “Let’s Get it On.” “If that happens, I’m done.”

Gwyneth Paltrow really is only getting $1 from her ski trial. Terry Sanderson won’t pay her attorneys’ legal fees, per an agreement between both sides.

Taika Waititi is in talks to direct Klara and the Sun, based on Kazuo Ishiguro’s novel. That book broke me.

-Ruh roh. Someone posted the entire Super Mario Bros to Twitter and it took more than seven hours later (and 9 million views!) before it was removed.

-Whew, I don’t even watch Vanderpump Rules but this is a killer trailer.