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May 4, 2023

Karen Gillan’s Costumed Couples Therapy

Karen Gillan has consistently made me laugh on this Guardians of the Galaxy press tour, and I love it.

-There are shady rumours that Taylor Swift is romantically linked to Matt Healy, the lead singer of The 1975.  The only thing I know about this guy is that he recently appeared on a podcast and made racist, sexist comments. Not great, Bob!

Drew Barrymore has dropped out as host of the MTV Movie and TV Awards in solidarity with striking writers. The show has also cancelled its red carpet.

Kieran Culkin and Jennifer Coolidge were set to host the final two episodes of SNL this season, and now that won’t happen because studios won’t agree to pay writers a living wage.

-Watching this floundering season of Ted Lasso makes me remember that report that suggested Jason Sudeikis scrapped most of this season’s scripts after filming had already started, leading to reshoots and delays. This season has been shaky but this week’s episode was a MESS. They have three episodes left to wrap this thing up (probably forever) and they keep introducing new stuff! You can really tell that this is the season experienced showrunner Bill Lawrence stepped away from his exec producing duties to focus on Shrinking.

-The live-action Little Mermaid is set for a big opening at the domestic box office — possibly one of the biggest Memorial Day opening weekends of all-time.

Ed Sheeran has won the copyright case brought against him by the family of Marvin Gaye, who claimed Sheeran’s song “Thinking Out Loud” ripped off Gaye’s iconic “Let’s Get It On”.

-This is the latest win in a long list of wins for artists, which might cool down the copyright lawsuit trend.

Ken Marino and Adam Scott say working on Party Down made them realize how good TV could be.

-Speaking of good TV, The Other Two returns today!

-I can’t believe a new Bridgerton show dropped today and I didn’t really know it was happening this week until I randomly saw someone talking about the first episode on Twitter. I devoured the first two seasons; I should be the target demo for marketing!

-This is like yesterday when I found out the a new Jennifer Lopez movie is coming to Netflix next week. Netflix advertising, where you at?

Tina Fey and Jon Hamm reunite in the trailer for Maggie Moore.