Jason Sudeikis’ In the Hot Seat

-To promote Wednesday’s season (series?!) finale of Ted Lasso, Jason Sudeikis appeared on Hot Ones.

-Meanwhile, the show is going into its last episode on a wave of bad press, mostly around that fact that they didn’t quite do enough to redeem Nate. The way this season is skipping scenes that are monumental to both the plot and characters is wild. Why/how did Nate quit? When did the team forgive him when the last we saw, they were all so angry with him they were getting red cards?

-In honour of this week’s Succession and Barry series finales, The Ringer is doing a series on the best finales ever, and this oral history of The Americans led me down a YouTube rabbit hole in which I basically watched the whole episode.

Britney Spears says she reunited with her mother after three years of not speaking. “Time heals all wounds.”

-Taylor Swift’s new song is about a breakup — possibly referring to Joe Alwyn. “I can’t find a pulse / My heart won’t start anymore for you / ’cause you’re losing me.”

-Fans are soooo angry at Taylor Swift for dating Matty Healy, the lead singer of the 1975 with a history of antisemitism, misogyny and admitted “enjoyment” of racist porn. Meanwhile, there’s been a flood of fluffy articles about their relationship in the last few days.

Taylor Swift fans are also not happy about her sudden collaboration with Ice Spice, which seems to be some damage control for Matty Healy‘s racist comments about the rapper back in Feb.

-I really do agree with this TikTok about how it’s the result of this weird parasocial relationship she cultivated. Do you remember how she used to engage with people on Tumblr? Invite fans over for cookies??

-Speaking of weird parasocial relationships, fans are upset by video of Jenna Ortega smoking.

-Here’s the first chapter of Elliot Page‘s new memoir, which is called Grateful to Be Here – and Alive.

Melissa McCarthy is trying to get a SPY sequel made. From her lips…

Colin Farrell spoke at the WGA picket line: “It’s a testament to the arrogance of those at the top that these people are now out of work because they are doing the right thing.”

Evan Rachel Wood has given up full custody of her son to ex Jamie Bell, reportedly because she’s worried about threats she alleges Marilyn Manson made.

Josh Segarra wants to be on Survivor and I would watch the hell out of that.

-The latest Barbie trailer is even better than the first! (Though I really wish they’d used the Aqua song instead of Nicki Minaj‘s new version.)

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