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May 16, 2023

Megan Fox Talks Body Dysmorphia


-In a bts video from her Sports Illustrated cover shoot, Megan Fox says: “I have body dysmorphia — I don’t ever see myself the way other people see me. There’s never a point in my life where I loved my body, never, ever…The journey of loving myself is going to be never-ending, I think.”

-Speaking of Sports Illustrated, everyone’s loving Martha Stewart’s cover shoot.

-Keith Urban posted a clip from the Taylor Swift concert, and accidentally caught Phoebe Bridgers and Bo Burnham making out.

Taylor Swift and Matty Healy were spotted at a dinner date in New York City over the weekend, and leaving a recording studio late last night.

-Meanwhile, Taylor gave free concert tickets to a fan who was treated aggressively by security at her concert.

-Oof. Rolling Stone published a big piece today on Chris D’Elia and it’s not good. Ten women told the mag that the comedian and podcaster  preyed on them and left them traumatized. The allegations range from controlling their diets to demanding nudes to making them get tattoos of him, and the FBI is investigating. One woman alleges that he pressured her into giving him oral sex before one of his shows. When she began to cry, she says he allegedly told her, “Just do what I say, and it’ll all be OK.” D’Elia denies the allegations.

-I’m just catching up on the allegations around country star Jimmie Allen, but he’s lost a sponsorship and been pulled from CMA Fest.

-To no one’s surprise, Cannes welcomed Johnny Depp with open arms and standing ovations.

-Jury Duty is now streaming on Prime in Canada. I was so charmed by that show.

-The Bear star Jeremy Allen White and wife Addison Timlin are splitting up.

-Meanwhile, here’s the trailer for The Bear season 2.

Keke Palmer looks amazing in this new photoshoot with her adorable son.

Jamie Foxx‘s daughter Corinne says reports of his health taking a turn for the worse are false. “My dad has been out of the hospital for weeks, recuperating. In fact, he was playing pickleball yesterday!”

-Rolling Stone published a report in which 11 current and former employees anonymously made complaints about being “overworked” and “underpaid” on Kelly Clarkson’s talk show. They allege that Clarkson is “fantastic” but her producers are creating a toxic environment. The host posted to Instagram promising leadership training for all senior staff.

-Nurse Jackie and Weeds sequels are in the works, and Justin Kirk wants no part of the latter: “They may be trying to drag its tired carcass out.”

-Speaking of sequels, Patricia Clarkson says an Easy A sequel may happening.

-Police responded to a call from Lady Gaga’s security team after a man walked past them and placed flowers at her Malibu home.

Jacob Tremblay is all grown up! He says he was lucky he recorded his Little Mermaid vocals before the pandemic. “Luckily, I hadn’t fully hit deep-voice puberty yet. It was still quite easy for me to do a higher range.”

Rose Byrne talked about the bond she has with Seth Rogan: “He’s incredibly down-to-earth. He’s Canadian. I’m Australian. We have a commonwealth bond.”

-Is Meagan Good dating Jonathan Majors? Or is this some image cleanup attempt?

-Oh, so that red carpet “fight” between Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck wasn’t a fight at all, huh?

-I thought the last episode of Ted Lasso was stronger most others this season (despite the still-ridiculous Nate stuff, and Keeley’s baffling pining for someone awful). Vulture’s latest piece asks “Why does Ted Lasso season three feel so bumbling, so tedious, so discombobulated?”

-Canadian TV writers are standing with the striking US counterparts. One “substantial” unnamed series being shot in Toronto has already shut down. The Boys, maybe?

-Meanwhile, ABC unveiled its new scheduled for the fall, and there are no new episodes of scripted shows. It’s super grim — all reality TV and Abbott Elementary reruns. If the strike continues (not to mention if the director and actors guilds also strike), I expect other networks will follow suit.

-Disney has a bunch of Marvel shows banked, and announced that the Hawkeye spinoff Echo will drop all at once on Nov. 29 instead of their usual weekly release, while Loki season two will start in Oct.

-What exactly is the CW doing? The day after cancelling most of their shows, they picked up AMC’s discarded 61st Street. This is a good piece on how the network has fallen.

-Succession’s Sarah Snook plays a single mother frightened by her young daughter’s memories of her long-dead aunt in the Run Rabbit Run trailer.