Jonathan Majors Wants To Be Your Valentine

jonathan majors is shirtless and holding roses on the cover of ebony

-Fun days on Twitter are few and far between now, but seeing everyone’s reaction to Jonathan Majorssexy new Ebony spread was a good time.

-I don’t watch Yellowstone but there is DRAMA at the ranch today. Deadline reported that the Kevin Costner-led drama may be coming to an end, with creator Taylor Sheridan turning his focus to a new spinoff led by Matthew McConaughey. (From a business point of view, this actually makes sense. Parmount sold Yellowstone to Peacock before it became a huge hit, and now Paramount is likely looking to bring all the Sheridan shows under their own umbrella — which Walking Dead is doing right now. That, coupled with reports that Costner reportedly demanded to only work for a single week on the second half of season five, would solve a lot of problems.)

-The Grammys last night had a lot of highs (Beyonce breaking records! Viola Davis getting the EGOT!) and lows (Harry Styles’ performance, Harry Styles’ speech, the weird pro-police message), but nothing hit harder than that hip hop tribute.

-Also, despite racking up the most amount of Grammys ever, it’s still really weird that Beyonce keeps getting ignored in the top categories.

-The biggest meme to come out of the Grammys was courtesy of Ben Affleck, who looked incredibly bored the whole night — except for this moment when he seems to be scolded by Jennifer Lopez.

-The rumours that Shawn Mendes, 24, is dating his 51-year-old chiropractor continue to circulate after they were spotted together yet again — this time at a Grammys afterparty.

-Speaking of wild age gaps, 48-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted cozying up to 19-year-old model Eden Polani. This isn’t even gross anymore. We’ve exited the gross offramp and are quickly careening towards reprehensible.

James Cameron recreated the Titanic raft sequence with two stuntpeople and finally admitted that Jack could have survived by sharing the door with Rose.

-The Armie Hammer redemption interview was exhausting. I’m exhausted.

Alicia Silverstone and Elisa Donovan reprise their Clueless roles as Cher Horowitz and Amber Mariens, respectively, in a new Super Bowl ad for Rakuten. They both look exactly the same as they did in the film.

-Speaking of pop culture reunions for Super Bowl ads, here’s Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul and Raymond Cruz getting back into their Breaking Bad roles for PopCorners.

-Netflix has already ordered a second season of That ’90s Show.

-Sony is eyeing a relaunch of the I Know What You Did Last Summer horror flicks, with Jennifer Love Hewitt and Freddie Prinze Jr. in talks to return.

-Showtime is going all in on more Dexter. They’re looking to renew the reboot, and have ordered a prequel with a college-age Dexter, and are developing another prequel focused on the Trinity Killer. They’re also developing Billions spinoffs, tentatively titled Millions and Trillions (for real).

-Janine’s sister is coming to Abbott Elementary — and she’ll be played by The Bear star Ayo Edebiri.

-Did Tom Brady mean to share this photo on main? This feels like a DM that lost its way…

Austin Butler will soon sound like himself again: “I am getting rid of the [Elvis] accent, but I have probably damaged my vocal cords with all that singing. One song took 40 takes.” I remember him as a DJ/ninja (no, really) on Arrow and he sounded totally normal.

-HBO will release the next episode of The Last Of Us early to avoid the Super Bowl. I wonder if they’ll do the same thing on Oscar day?

Pedro Pascal was so good on SNL. This skit sent me.

-AMC Theatres will now charge more for “preferred” seats. Yeah, that’s sure to get people back to the movies.

-Following a huge amount of backlash, Netflix is now claiming it only released its new password-sharing restrictions by accident.

Kate Hudson and Michael Shannon star in the trailer for A Little White Lie.

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