Keanu Reeves Defies Age

-Here is the first look at Bill & Ted 3 (aka proof that Keanu Reeves is de-aging before our eyes).

-Look, if you had told me yesterday that the initial critical reaction to Cats would be slightly better than the initial reaction to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, I would not have believed you. And yet, here we are.

-Are people actually making fun of Adam Driver for stepping outside when a clip of his performance from A Marriage Story was played during an interview? Why? He sounds like he handled his (long documented) anxiety about this stuff politely and with grace.

Charlize Theron says her 7-year-old daughter’s feelings were hurt when she used the wrong pronouns to talk about her in past interviews, and she’s striving to be better.

-Variety published its annual list of TV stars’ salaries and as per usual, I’m fascinated.

-Speaking of TV, I dig the “retro” promos ABC just released for a bunch of their shows.

Madonna was spotted getting cozy with backup dancer Ahlamalik Williams. Merry Christmas to her!

Justin Timberlake is still in the doghouse, huh?

Prince William and Kate did some holiday baking and it was very cute.

Jennifer Ehle is far, far away from Pride and Prejudice in the Saint Maud trailer.

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