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July 5, 2016

Ryan Reynolds Joins Taylor Swift’s Squad

Ryan Reynolds willingly posed for the above photo. Just let that sink in for a sec. (Also, I will never stop laughing at that caption.)

-Meanwhile, the details of Taylor Swift‘s 4th of July party — from the giant slide to the matching bathing suits — have to be seen to be believed.

-On the plus side, whatever hell we’re currently living in, it’s reportedly ruined Tom Hiddleston’s chances at being Bond. Thirst hangovers are real, y’all.

Erykah Badu addressed those rumors of a romance with Kendrick Lamar — but I literally have no idea what she meant.

-This article on what it’s like to be an actress on the “wrong” side of 40 is well worth your time.

Adam Pally attempted to make as many peanut butter and jelly sandwiches as possible in two minutes for James Corden. He wasn’t very good at it.

-I’m not feeling Alicia Vikander’s dress at the Jason Bourne Australia premiere.

-In her excellent Rolling Stone profile, Samantha Bee says she filled her writers room with “people who have been underestimated.”

Patrick Stewart is a country singer now. Or maybe not. In any case, he looks really good in a cowboy hat.

This photo perfectly captures why I follow Jessica Chastain on snapchat.

Idris Elba in costume for his new western is making my stomach all sweepy.

-Even Serial host Sarah Koenig is surprised by Adnan Syed’s new trial.

-The CW confirmed its new streaming deal that will bring its shows to Netflix just 8 days after their season finales. But that means they won’t be available on Hulu in-season, which means their ratings are going to take a big hit because this will move more eyeballs to off-season binging.

Shonda Rhimes has no time for your racist petition to get Jesse Williams fired.

-Check out this Elementary writer’s Twitter timeline today for a masterclass in TV writing.

-Wait, so Daniel Radcliffe‘s farting corpse movie is actually good?!

Daniel Radcliffe is a fake white supremacist in the Imperium trailer, realizes that real white supremacists are scary af.