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August 24, 2014

VMAs 2014: Best and Worst Dressed

vmas 2014

The VMAs are usually known for meat dresses and foam fingers, so this year’s red carpet was a bit underwhelming. Still, there were some definite risk-takers. Here’s my picks for the night’s best and worst looks (and check out all the outfits here):


Taylor Swift: Ok, I know you hate this. And maybe you should hate this. I mean, there was a huge ‘camel toe watch’ happening on Twitter when she stepped onto the red carpet. And yes, a onsie isn’t the most flattering thing she could have worn. But I’m just glad that she didn’t opt for her usual “I’m a sparkly princess” style. And this outfit made her legs look like they go on forever. I don’t know, guys. I kinda dig it!

Laverne Cox: I’m so goddamn glad she’s invited to walk red carpets, and looking so fierce when she does. She knocked this one out of the park.

Kendall Jenner: I don’t think I’ve ever said anything nice about a Jenner, but I kind of liked this. Sexy without being slutty, it totally captured the VMAs vibe.

Solange: First, I will cosign any outfit that looks as comfortable as pyjamas. Plus, it’s H&M! Love, love, love.

Katy Perry: It’s not the “best” in terms of fashion, but Katy’s custom Versace denim is a rip-off of Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears’ AMA outfits, which is AWESOME.


Gwen Stefani: I was less offended by her LAMB outfit than her face. What happened? Why does someone as beautiful as her feel the need to mess with it? Sadness all around.

Iggy Azalea: Yeah, it might have been Versace, but that doesn’t make it flattering. Look at how stretched the material is across her thighs! Rita Ora had a similar issue with bunched stitching on her Donna Karen gown.

Kim Kardashian: How do you manage to look both frumpy and slutty at the same time? Kimmy K manages this difficult feat.

Beyonce: Look, it’s not the worst dress ever and it definitely shows off her curves. But the night’s was hers — and this is what she shows up in? I’m bored to tears.

Lucy Hale: Fortunately, she changed into a different outfit to host the pre-show, but the first look she wore was beyond disappointing, especially for someone whose TV character regularly goes balls-out style-wise. This unflattering length of the skirt makes her look like a hobbit, and those terrible shoes aren’t helping.