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August 15, 2013

Justin Bieber Hangs with “Uncle Will”

Will Smith poses with Justin Bieber. (Photo: instagram.com/p/dAu7UPgvn0/)

Justin Bieber posted a photo with Will Smith, who he called “Uncle Will.” Anyone else hoping Smith adopts him? You’d never see Jaden peeing in a bucket.

-Also in need of an intervention: Robert Pattinson, who’s reportedly been hanging out with Mischa Barton a lot. What. The. Hell.

-Sadness: Lisa Robin Kelly from That ’70s show has died. The actress voluntarily checked herself into rehab this past week, but went into cardiac arrest late last night — the eve of her 43rd birthday.

Kim Kardashian was photographed for the first time since giving birth. She looks normal, makeup-free and regular person-shaped, which makes me think this wasn’t a staged photo opp.

-Fox and NBC are reportedly in a bidding war for a new comedy by Tina Fey set at a newly coed college.

Will Arnett is dating the ex-wife of Billy Joel. Could you imagine dating someone who was once married to the awesomeness that is Amy Poehler? I think I’d spend  a lot of time trying to convince them to reconcile.

-Now all those people who were complaining about Gwyneth Paltrow‘s behaviour at a recent authors’ event are back-pedalling.

-Glee’s Ryan Murphy says they’ve changed their mind about Cory Monteith‘s character dying from a drug overdose. Thank god.

-I keep forgetting that Robin Wright is dating Ben Foster. And then I remember and mentally high-five her.

-In his new edition of Lie Witness News, Jimmy Kimmel asks people how they feel about Oprah‘s (fake) Oscar nomination for The Butler.

-A new teaser for Homeland has landed. I call this one “Claire Danes’ Crazy Eyes.”

-I’m not sure how I feel about the kid who plays Sally on Mad Men starring in Lifetime’s Flowers in the Attic adaptation. Hasn’t she seen enough for one year?

-What if Breaking Bad were shot like The Wire? This awesome montage gives us an idea.

-Following his Reddit AMA, Aaron Paul hosted the inaugural Bitchie Awards, handing out “bitches” for the best questions.

Bill Nighy says he turned down the opportunity to be the new Doctor Who, even though he’s pretty much the only person who could get me to watch it.

-Has Rachel McAdams found a new man?

-I hate hate hate the dress, but otherwise Calista Flockhart is looking great these days!

-Speaking of ugly dresses, Jennifer Aniston strayed from her usual black and wore floral. Points for trying, though.

Aniston was back in black in Berlin. What’s happening with the hair swoop thing that she’s been doing?

-Yet another R. Kelly x Phoenix track has been dropped.

Cate Blanchett looks insanely good in her new Armani ad.

-Sexy sexypot Miguel was arrested for DUI.

-Someday soon before I have to pick my TIFF movies (next week!), I’m going to go through all of the festival trailers. First up is the one for Therese, starring Elizabeth Olsen, Oscar Isaac and Jessica Lange.