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June 10, 2013

Meet Miley Cyrus, Your Twerking Queen

(Photo: Instagram.com/juicyj)

Miley Cyrus continued her twerking tour when Wiz Khalifa brought her up on stage during Juicy J‘s House of Blues show on Saturday. I feel dirty just watching this video of it.

-I’m guessing Katy Perry and Kristen Stewart‘s friendship has taken a turn now that Katy keeps hanging out with Robert Pattinson. The pair were spotted together at a Bjork concert on Saturday night.

-Sadness: Glee star Jane Lynch and her wife Lara Embry are getting a divorce after three years of marriage.

-Brace yourself to feel really old: Johnny Depp turned 50 today.

-Wait, are Alexander Skarsgard and Ellen Page more than just friends? Is that, um, possible? (Either way, her tweet about their cuddly photo was great.)

Katie Holmes not only got to have dinner with Gloria Steinem, but the also two had an “intense discussion.” #NoFair

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis hit the beach — with some royal company.

Kanye West played three new songs at NYC’s Governors Ball this weekend which you can listen to here.

-Meanwhile, Kanye reportedly filmed an American Psycho-inspired music video with Scott Disick. Ugh.

-In other music video news, Drake time-travels back to 1996 for his “No New Friends” video.

-I’m surprised it took this long for Sarah Jessica Parker to team up with Manolo Blahnik to design a shoe line.

-Holy crap, Avril’s ex Deryck Whibley has not aged well.

-A soldier claims that Prince Harry once saved him from a homophobic attack in Alberta.

-It’s a trailer for the new season of Luther. Yay!

-Congrats to Arrow star Stephen Amell and his new wife, who are expecting their first child.

-Awesomeness: Jake Gyllenhaal dressed as The Dude to honour The Big Lebowski at the Guys Choice Awards.

-The Austin TV Festival happened this weekend and during the Friday Night Lights panel, Connie Britton and Kyle Chandler made a surprise appearance and everyone died from happiness overload.

-The bloopers for season two of Happy Endings are everything.

-Guys, Shia LaBeouf tried to warn us about the NSA spy programs back in 2008 because he knows all!

-Meanwhile, The Wire creator David Simon, who knows a thing or two about phone tapping, wrote a pretty great blog post about the NSA’s use of telephone records.

Justin Bieber is being sued for allegedly siccing his armed bodyguards on a photographer…again.

-Meanwhile, he Instagrammed a photo of a bra that was tossed on stage at him.

John Malkovich came to the aid of a guy who was hurt on a Toronto sidewalk. Take that, Ryan Gosling!

Karl Lagerfeld is the only person in the world who doesn’t worship Audrey Tautou.

Jessica Simpson is being sued for using a photo of herself posing with a baby at a mall on the cover of OK.

-Awkward! Ciara got served with lawsuit papers in the middle of a show.

Linda Cardellini got engaged and showed off her new ring in the cutest way possible.

Alanis Morisette joined Lonely Island on Kimmel to teach the world about semicolons.

-The New York Times just wrote a flattering feature on Kendall Jenner. What world is this?!

Taylor Swift spent some girl time with Gywneth Paltrow this weekend.

-Even FunnyorDie.com is getting in on the Rob Ford mocking action.

Lady Gaga actually looked totally normal at her friend’s wedding — which made this the weirdest outfit she’s ever worn.

-In case you missed last night’s Tony Awards, Neil Patrick Harris‘ amazing opening number is worth a watch.

This Tonys number featuring Broadway actors whose NBC shows were cancelled this season was also great.

-Meanwhile, NPH was not happy that the Daily Mail accused him of dropping the n-word in the middle of the Tonys.

-Music fans: Sigur Ross‘ upcoming album is streaming on CBC.

-The new trailer for True Blood actually looks pretty great. The new trailer for The Newsroom? Not so much.

Lena Dunham helped a fan get a Girls-themed tattoo.

Pippa Middleton was photographed getting butt-grabby with her banker beau.

Henry Cavill and Amy Adams both look amazing on the cover of Interview.

-The more Man of Steel trailers I see, the more I think this movie is going to own the world.