Nina Dobrev Gets Bendy on the Beach


Nina Dobrev posted a photo of her and her friend doing some crazy yoga on the beach. I love her bikini — and she must too. She has the same one in a different colour.

-Meanwhile, her Vampire Diaries costar Candice Accola just got engaged in Italy.

Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth just flipped the off switch on their on-again/off-again relationship.

Angelina Jolie is set to make her first red carpet appearance since her double mastectomy at World War Z‘s London premiere.

-I really liked Grantland‘s article on how Bradley Cooper has emerged as one of the smartest stars in Hollywood (though to be fair, I’ll pledge my undying love to any feature that opens with “The Hangover Part III is an illegitimate movie — the kind of unplanned thing that’s conceived when a studio balance sheet has unprotected sex with an available release date”).

Adam Levine got in hot water last night when he muttered “I hate this country” on The Voice after his singers were voted off, unaware that his mic was live. Now he’s in total damage control mode.

-It took forevs, but Courteney Cox and David Arquette‘s divorce has been finalized.

George Clooney has issued a denial to InTouch‘s report that he was holding hands with Monika Jakisic. Um, since when did he start wasting time with rebuttals to supermarket bottom-feeders like InTouch?

-This Gillian Anderson photo shoot is adorable! Has anyone watched her new UK show yet?

-Conspiracy theory alert! Is Mad Men trying to draw comparisons between Megan and Sharon Tate?

-Is it just me, or is there a flood of paparazzi photos of Kristen Stewart looking happy? Coincidence…or not?

-The producers of The Amazing Race Canada are having a hard time keeping locations secret as fans are cataloguing the show’s every move online.

Neil Patrick Harris will host the Emmys again this year. Is it possible to get an EGOT for hosting?

-Um, this might not be Justin Bieber‘s best defence.

-Meanwhile, Usher used his appearance on Ellen yesterday to defend Justin‘s recent behaviour.

-Does agreeing to be Taylor Swift‘s friend mean agreeing to coordinate outfits? ‘Cause judging by her red carpet style, I don’t think I could sign on for that.

Eric Roberts is joining The Human Centipede franchise? Bwah ha ha!!

George Michael has left the hospital after falling out of his car on a highway. (That sounds like an Arrested Development joke, but it’s for reals.)

-Speaking of Arrested Development, the Netflix stats are crazy. 36% of all Netflix users checked out at least 1 episode, and 10% of Netflix’s visitors on Sunday had watched all 15 episodes by Monday.

-Also, Buzzfeed put together a gallery of Portia de Rossi’s changing face.

-Need to check if your cringe reflex is still working? Just check out this video of Molly Ringwald singing “Don’t You Forget About Me.”

Tom Cruise joined David and Victoria Beckham for family night at a hockey game, but Harper was the real superstar.

-Speaking of sports spectators, Taylor Lautner was photographed at a Dodgers game with Maika Monroe.

Lauryn Hill‘s song “Neurotic Society” is getting slammed for possible homophobic undertones.

-Speaking of homophobia, George Takei’s Facebook post is worth a read.

Luther won’t air in North America until Sept 3, but it’ll air in the UK (and hopefully on iTunes) this summer.

-In other UK TV news, this sexed up performance by Jennifer Lopez on Britain’s Got Talent garnered viewer complaints. How else is she supposed to entertain the crowd. With her voice?

-Meanwhile, JLo is joining Beyonce and Madonna for a benefit concert in London.

This promo video for Channing Tatum‘s new movie will make you love him even more.

-This is really happening: Dan Harmon and Chris McKenna are negotiating a return to Community for season 5.

-In other TV news, the Futon Critic is tweeting reviews of all the new pilots.

-If you get mugged, talk to Alec Baldwin. He’ll not only give you a pep talk, he threatened to rough up your attackers.

-Model Chrissy Teigen dared to question Amanda Bynes’s behaviour on Twitter, and Amanda was none too pleased.

-Victoria’s Secret once considered Kate Upton “too obvious” to model for them, but now that she’s landed a Vogue cover they’ve used shots of Upton from 2011 in their new catalogue… without her consent.

Ellen Page looks adorably tiny next to Alexander Skarsgard at The East premiere.

-I’m digging Ellie Goulding’s cover of Alt-J‘s “Tessellate” (but I could have done without the sax solo).

-Ha! Chelsea Handler interviewed The Wanted and asked “so which one of you was penetrating Lindsay Lohan?”

Ke$ha is still trying to convince us she’s in the Illuminati with her new video.

-It looks like Sam Mendes will return to direct the next Bond movie after all.

-The new Lonely Islands‘ Wacky Wednesday video features Robyn, which can only be a good thing!

-The new TV spots for Man of Steel look great. Amy Adams even gets to shoot a weapon in one of them.

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