Met Gala Arrivals

-The Met Gala red carpet has just started as I type this, and I feel like “that’s not the gilded age, though” is going to be tonight’s constant refrain.  So far, I like Blake LivelyGemma Chan (though not really true to the period) and Franklin Leonard. Early letdowns are Phoebe Dynevor, Emma Stone and Vanessa Hudgens.

-For years, a Grey’s Anatomy writer shared her cancer journey in online essays and in the show’s scripts – until a surprising email to Shonda Rhimes accused her of making it all up. This article about it is insane and I can’t imagine how her coworkers must feel. The fact that she checked herself into a mental health clinic in Arizona using the name of a Grey’s character is just beyond.

-In this Rolling Stone article, a journalist reflects on his friend Naomi Judd‘s struggle with depression and his final conversation with the singer, who reportedly took her own life on Saturday, one day before her induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame.

-I don’t watch Ozark but wow, people are not happy with that ending.

Pete Davidson seems to have added a tattoo in honor of Kim Kardashian‘s kids.

Louis Leterrier, who directed Now You See Me, The Transporter and The Incredible Hulk, is the director Universal has chosen to direct Fast 10, replacing Justin Lin who quit just over a week ago.

-There’s talk that Lin quit over clashes with Vin Diesel.

-Everything Everywhere All at Once has grossed $35 million in North America, indicating that the slow rollout and word of mouth is working for it (but probably not, as this Variety article weirdly suggests, that “ticket buyers really love the concept of a multiverse”).

-Here’s the first trailer for Olivia Wilde’s directorial debut, Don’t Worry Darling. Come for Harry Styles/Florence Pugh sexy times, stay for Chris Pine as a cult leader.

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