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March 30, 2023

Florence Pugh on Hot Ones

-If you need a break from all the Tr*mp drama, Florence Pugh is this week’s guest on Hot Ones and she’s predictably charming. She talked about the scene in Hawkeye where she had to eat a ton of mac and cheese: “That was pretty much my idea to essentially have a dream day at work and eat mac and cheese all day long. They had Sriracha on the table as a prop, and I was like, ‘Is this real?’ The props guy goes, ‘Yeah, it’s real.’ ‘Great!’ So every single take, I’m just shoveling in mouthfuls of Sriracha.”

Jonathan Majors‘ lawyer shared with TMZ alleged texts sent to the actor from the alleged victim and this…doesn’t seem like it will help him? “I told them it was my fault for trying to grab your phone.” 😬 Also, are these two texts what his lawyer referred to when she earlier said the alleged victim had “two written statements” recanting?

-Oh great. Jennifer Aniston is the latest to complain that the new generation is too woke for classic comedy. As if Friends isn’t consistently the most popular series for Gen Z to stream.

-Did the failure of Quibi contribute to the end of Reese Witherspoon‘s marriage?

-Also, the only source for the Reese Witherspoon and Tom Brady rumours is Deux Moi, right?  I’m gonna need more than that.

-A Scott Pilgrim anime series is coming to Netflix – WITH the movie’s entire cast! Michael Cera, Chris Evans, Anna Kendrick, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Keiran Culkin, Alison Pill, Brandon Routh, Aubrey Plaza, Brie Larson and more have all signed on.

-Grey’s Anatomy’ has been renewed for a 20th(!) season.

Hugh Grant says there’s less affairs on movie sets these days because everyone is too distracted by their phones. “You know, in the old days, by the end of the second week, you were all getting drunk in the evening and having dinner and falling in love with each other and all that. And all that stopped ’cause of telephones. Really everyone goes home and looks at Twitter. It’s so sad.”

-The more I work in social media, the more cynical I get about Reddit AMAs. But I don’t even care if there were planted questions or upvote campaigns: this AMA with Nicolas Cage and Nicholas Hoult is a delight!

Jason Ritter talked about confronting his alcoholism when he first started dating Melanie Lynskey. There’s something about Drew Barrymore that gets her guests to open up in a way that no other talk show host can.

Keanu Reeves appeared on the Smartless podcast and talked about how when he moved from Canada to Hollywood, he was pressured to change his name. “They were like, Keanu — it’s too ethnic. But then I had auditions, and they’d be like, ‘K.C.,’ and I wouldn’t even look up.”

Michelle Williams talked again about why she’s thankful for Dawson’s Creek’s Mary Beth Peil, who played Grams. “She immediately took me under her wing. I didn’t have family there, I didn’t have parents that were there and she really filled that role for me.”

-The Night Agent is turning into a big hit for Netflix.

Woody Harrelson and Justin Theroux accidentally topple the presidency in the latest White House Plumbers trailer.