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March 15, 2023

Penn Badgley Is Still Into You


-I haven’t finished the new episodes of You that dropped last week so I didn’t get too far into Penn Badgley‘s cover story for British GQ, but I can’t imagine going to breakfast and being interrupted by fans saying things like “Will you stalk me?” and “I want to be loved like that!” He also clarified his earlier comments about requesting less sex scenes in season four. “What I was speaking about wasn’t actually the final product. It was sort of like the culture inherent to the production of all movies, but particularly those scenes. It’s like, look, we know that Hollywood has had a history of flagrant exploitation and abuse.”

Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak are they’re just messing with us at this point.

-There were a lot of people shipping Andrew Garfield and Florence Pugh after they presented together at the Oscars. They’re costarring in a love story, so that’s something.

-The rumour that Captain Marvel’s sequel is delayed because of Brie Larson’s behaviour is flimsy at best. Why does Marvel constantly leave this girl twisting in the wind? Or her male costars, who rallied behind Chris Pratt because of a stupid Buzzfeed quiz but stay silent on her?

-It’s a good day in the Ryan Reynolds/Blake Lively household. The Reynolds-backed telecom company Mint was just bought by T-Mobile for $1.35 billion.

Lindsay Lohan announced on Instagram that she and her husband, financier Bader Shammas, are expecting a baby.

Diplo says he’s hooked up with guys — but was quick to clarify that he’s not gay because he didn’t make eye contact. “I’m sure I’ve gotten a blow job from a guy before, for sure. I don’t know if it’s gay unless you like may eye contact while there’s the blowjob happening…Getting a blowjob’s not that gay, I think…I think the best answer I have is I’m not not gay. There are a couple guys…I could date, life partner-wise.”

-Boo: Netflix has killed a star-studded romcom from Nancy Meyers after a disagreement over the film’s ballooning budget.

Freddie Prinze Jr. says he had a rough time working with I Know What You Did Last Summer’s director Jim Gillespie, who told him on the first day he was miscast and gave him “psychotic notes” like “Don’t leave your mouth open. You look stupid when you do that.” Prinze Jr. says he remembers thinking, “I’m either gonna break down or I have to beat this guy’s ass. Like those were the only two options in my head.”

-I’ve been listening a lot to the Daisy Jones & the Six soundtrack and this is an interesting ranking of the songs. I would have put “Regret Me” higher, and it’s INSANE that “Look at Us Now (Honeycomb)” isn’t number 1.

-This is a good summary of Law Roach’s styling career, tracing how in less than 15 years he went from styling K. Michelle to a multi-million dollar global business and being voted the “most powerful” stylist in Hollywood 2 years running.

Tony Shalhoub is returning as Monk for a Peacock movie.

-Does the new season of Ted Lasso hit different after all the Jason Sudeikis and Olivia Wilde drama?

Christina Ricci says Hollywood’s “really changed” for the better for her younger Yellowjackets costars, and revealed she was once threatened with a lawsuit after refusing to do “a sex scene a certain way.”

-Here’s a spoilery look at what could happen in The Last of Us’ next season, assuming they stick to following the game’s plot.

-Meanwhile, what if…Joel was right, though?

-The reviews are a bit mixed for Janine Nabers and Donald Glover’s Swarm, but everyone seems to agree that Dominique Fishback is ridiculously good in it as the dangerously obsessive fan of a Beyonce-ish pop star.

Betty Gilpin is a nun trying to defeat a powerful AI in the trailer for the Peacock series Mrs. Davis. This looks spectacular!

-Netflix and A24 are partnering for a new series called Beef, in which a road rage incident incites a feud between Ali Wong and Steven Yeun.