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December 15, 2016

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry Photographed Together

-We were just gifted with our first blurry photo of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry together. Merry Christmas to us!

-12 years ago, The Sun was also the first to get a photo of William and Kate together — and the palace was furious.

Amber Heard just publicly called out Johnny Depp for working with tabloids to start rumors. “I was responding to the leaks by Johnny’s agents bragging that I had settled for substantially less than a reported, earlier offered sum and attempting to label me a gold digger.” Hot day-um!

Rosemarie DeWitt and Ron Livingston (two actors I love but always forget are together) have adopted a daughter.

-So it turns out the Passengers press tour is more entertaining than the movie, according to critics. It’s at a dismal 24% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes, EW gave it a D+, Variety said it was “lost in space” and The Guardian gave it 2 stars out of 5.  Everyone seems to have issues about how Chris Pratt‘s character does something morally reprehensible.

-Speaking of bad new movies, I saw Collateral Beauty last night. You shouldn’t. At least the reviews are hilariously vicious. Vulture rounded up the meanest ones.

-This is an interesting read on SNL’s anti-TV bias. I’ve never really thought of this, but SNL doesn’t invite many TV stars to host.

-The best thing about Denzel Washington promoting a new movie is that we get to hear his wisdom drops. First it was his take on fake news, and now  it’s his comments in THR’s director roundtable.  “People talk about the difficulty of making a movie and I’m like, send your son to Iraq, that’s difficult. It’s just a movie. Relax. I don’t play that precious nonsense.” Preach!

Megan Fox is reportedly eyeing the Poison Ivy role in Gotham City Sirens. Huh.

-Yet another How I Met Your Mother spinoff is in the works, this one from the writers of This Is Us.

-SNL’s Taran Killam playing Hamilton’s King George is brilliant casting.

-The weird thing about this NYT article on Stephen Amell‘s wine venture is that it makes it so clear that he isn’t really focused on the quality or winemaking process. Which maybe is a good thing? My BFF and I share a fancy wine club subscription and their selection process and tasting notes are INTENSE. But any interest I had in joining Amell’s wine club disappeared when he posted this “tasting” video on FB. They clearly don’t know what they’re doing. I’m no wine expert or snob, but I at least know how to pour and taste. They don’t even changes glasses! (On the plus side, his feet look really big in the photo that accompanies the article, so there’s that.)

-Is Bradley Cooper getting married? Irina Shayk has been spotted sporting a diamond.

Nicole Kidman says she and Keith Urban don’t exchange Christmas gifts. As someone who hasn’t started her shopping yet, this sounds like a good plan!

-I just assumed hosting the Oscars would mean a big paycheque. I guess not.

Toni Collette unravels a mystery in the trailer for Jasper Jones.